Wall Mounts for Microsoft Surface Pro Tablets

Some of the reasons that people are looking for mounts usually involve home automation or office management. Whatever your current concern is, we are here to offer you a few decent suggestions for wall mounts that will accommodate the Microsoft Pro tablet. And in case you are wondering about the latest Microsoft tablet, find out more about the Surface Pro X wall and table stands.

Windows Surface Pro tablet on a Desk with a Keyboard

Tablet Mounts on the Wall for Surface Pro 7 Device

The Surface Pro 7 is the latest model in the Pro tablet category. Although, a bit expensive, and not entirely perfect, the new Pro tablet is famed for its larger screen and exclusive USB-A and -C ports which is quite impressive for the Windows tablets.

Perhaps, one pitfall of the new offer from Microsoft is that the tablet comes without the keypad. While previous Pro editions got a keyboard in the price, this one doesn’t.

The item’s dimensions are the following: 292 x 201 x 8.5 mm, and a 12.3″ display. Though, enough of the tablet capabilities, let’s look at some appropriate mounting equipment for this tablet.

VidaMount Microsoft Surface Pro 7/6/5/4 Enclosure

This manufacturer has the best solution for Surface Pro tablets including 6, 5 and 4 models from previous years. We like this product as it is not so expensive and convenient for any surface. The mount secure the tablet, protecting from theft, but also allows to remove it when you need to work on it.

It is also an adjustable enclosure with a tilting function of +/- 10 degree angle. Moreover, the mount will keep the tablet fully charged all day long. The producer also offers a personalized engraving and signature in case you need it for your business or at a sales conference. The price for the bundle of the mount and the hardware is $139.68.

Maclocks’ Rokku Surface Pro Wall Mount

The best news here is that this mount is also compatible with older Microsoft Pro tablets like the Surface Pro 3. The wall mount by Maclocks is lightweight and durable. It is easy to install and the access to all essential ports and buttons is guaranteed.

The construction is made from high-quality aluminum. Moreover you can mount this one as a flush solution or via a standard VESA pattern and pair with other Maclock stands to transform into a kiosk station. Charging kit is also included as well as a locking capability. The price is $119.95.

Wall Mounts for Microsoft Surface Pro 6/5 and 4 Tablets

The Surface Pro 6 tablet is a great alternative if you don’t want to buy an expensive tablet. It is perfectly compatible with Windows 10, and has similar functions to the newest Pro 7 tablet as well as an extra keypad.

Though, if you wish to mount it on the wall, you will discover that most mounts that fit the Pro 7 model are equally suitable for the Pro 6, 5 and 4 tablets as they all have the same display size: 12.3″. Nonetheless, we picked a few of our favorite high-quality producers to help you make up your mind.

Elevate II Wall Kiosk for Windows Surface Pro 6/5/4

The Elevate II mount will help you turn your Surface Pro 6 tablet into an interactive display on all flat surfaces. The mount will keep the tablet locked and charged during the time when you don’t need it.

It has slim and sleek design and it is highly customization. The rotating module that you can get extra will allow you to spin the mount on 90 degrees. You can order this mount in white. It is also compatible with the others 12.3″ Pro tablets from Microsoft. Are you perhaps looking for Surface Go wall mounts? Then check our offers.

TABcare Locking Metal Enclosure

This metal wall mount by the TABcare producer is suitable for Pro 6 tablets as well as Pro 3, 4, 5 and 7. And it offers all qualities that you may wish a tablet enclosure has. You can lock/unlock it, remove the tablet, and access the touchscreen when you need it.

Additionally, you can combine this mount with a kisok stand, POS readers and QR scanners or any other device that your business may require. It is a low profile enclosure compatible with VESA 100 X 100 mm and 75 x 75 mm patterns.

Docking Stations for Surface Pro 3 Models

Now, if you own an even older device, you may be worried that the frame will not fit your tablet as it is a few inches smaller than the few lastest versions of the Surface tablets. Though, the difference is not significant enough to make a difference. However, here are a few mounts that will be best for a Windows Microsoft Surface Pro 3 tab.

Flush Mount for Microsoft 3 Tablet

The Wall-Smart company is an expert in the field of flush mounting. Basically, the flush mount allows you to only see the tablet display and no other enclosures. See the video below to get a real impression of the mounting process and the final look.

Moreover, the Wall-Smart wall mounts can be painted over after the installation to camouflage the enclosure with the surface color. Furthermore, power supply via a cord connected to an external power source is also offered in the package.

Heckler’s Frame for Surface Pro 3

Certainly, if you like this one the mount is also compatible with Pro 4/5/6/7 tablets, so don’t get discouraged. There is hope.

The mount has a great aesthetic appeal and can be combined with the security lock cable. The design involved heavy steel brackets and steel hardware making it an extremely safe choice. You also get a charging set and access to the front/rear cameras.

You will get the frame, assembly tools, mounting hardware, the VESA hardware and the screw caps in the box.

Mounting Equipment for Pro 1 and Pro 2 Windows Surface Editions

Perhaps, you don’t even remember when you bought this device anymore. However, you still think that it is not completely useless and the device will do a great job mounted on the wall. Well, we found a few suggestions for you.

Surface Pro 1 and Pro 2 have the same 10.6″ display so you can fit them in the same enclosure. Though, always check with the seller if it will fit. And see also our Microsoft wall mount page for more ideas.

TABcare Wall Mount

Another one of the TABcare products specifically designed for Surface Pro 1 and Pro 2 devices. If you get this one, you will be sure to make the right choice. The mount offers locking, charging and a standard VESA mounting plates.

Additionally, the manufacturer offers a titling function of the mount of 180 degrees and rotating of 360 degrees. Though, the option must be declared separately. This mount is offered in black, white and clear colors and can be mounted in landscape or portrait mode.

VESA Universal Wall Mount by Maclocks

This is a unique wall mount that accommodates all 7″ to 13″ tablets. Therefore, it is very suitable for all Microsoft tablets so far. It has a VESA mounting base and it includes cable management for the power supply and hidden screw holes.

It is not a full mount, but a bracket that can rotate between portrait and landscape mode. Therefore, it is not appropriate for public spaces since there is no locking system. Though, it is an easy mount and quite fun to have.