Microsoft Surface Pro X Wall Mounts for your Office and Home

The Microsoft Surface Pro X is the ultimate and newest Pro tablet from Microsoft on the market. It is the thinnest 2-in-1 tablet computer with a 13″ touchscreen and battery that lasts up to 13 hours.

Those qualities make it the perfect choice to do work on it. Yet, if you would like to have your Microsoft Surface Pro X mount on the wall, here we provide some high-quality items made from pure materials. Or find out about other Microsoft Surface wall mounts.

Black Microsoft Tablet with Keypad next to a Flower Pot on a Table with a White Pen and a Black Mouse

Wall Tablet Holder by Durable for 7″ to 13″ Tablets

This is a great mount for a few reasons. You can lock it, extend the arm and benefit from the adjustable 360-degree rotation mechanism. Even if you don’t want to have a wall mount, but rather a fixed floor station or under cabinet mount, the Durable manufacturer can offer you a combination of alternatives.

Perhaps, the only disadvantage is that the mount has a cable management slot for easy charging but does not really hide the cables out of sight. Even so, it has a very simple installation and it is made to deliver a high degree of flexibility whether in the office space or your kitchen.

CTA Digital Security Wall Mount

The CTA Digital wall mount is a perfect fit for Microsoft Surface Pro X device and great addition to the smart classroom, conference room or living room. The construction is sleek and metal and it has 3 flexible hinges for custom positioning. The cable grip keeps the charging cable at the side. The wall mount can also quickly shift from portrait to landscape.

13″ Tablet Mounting by Ergotron

It is perhaps the solid construction of this one that you may fall in love with. As the name suggests one would expect a stable piece of a mounting gear. What’s more, you will receive anti-theft security, adjustable points granting access to the tablet ports and buttons. And the alternative for a desk stand table.

armourdog Security Stand for 7.9″ to 13″ Tablets

The armourdog brands takes pride in its top-quality materials and manufacturing process, therefore you also get 2 years of warranty period. This mount is mostly suitable for tables, however it offers some nice extras. The shoulders are attached to a ratcheting arm that locks the tablet into the selected position. Additionally, it is held securely with the provided Kensington security lock.

Even though, the stand has a sturdy base mounted with 4 screw holes, the mount can also be bolted onto a wall for a greater security. The design permits rotating from landscape to portrait, and tilting for discovering the optimal viewing angle.It is the best solution if you need strong security mount and flexibility with smooth tablet experience. The manufacturer offers as well an extra pad for extra support with thin tablets in the bundle.

Unite C-Clamp Mount for 12″-13″ Tablets by the Joy Factory

This Carbon Fiber C-Clamp Mount is an unique solution for Microsoft tablets with 12″ to 13″ display screens. The C-Clamp can attach to a great variety of flat or round surfaces. The carbon arm is used whenever you need to free your hands. The flexible joints allow for 360-degree rotation. This mount is made from carbon fiber and it is considered very stable.

On-Wall Flush Mount by CTA Digital

Another one by the popular manufacturer, CTA Digital. This time you will get a flush mount for 7″ to 14″ devices. The holder mount offers a security lock and it mounts in a nearly flush manner.

The display extends to 2.5″ from the wall, and the holder grips allow the user to reach all ports and buttons. Although, the look is very minimalist, the holder can shift the display from landscape to portrait orientation and tilt.

Articulating Wall Mount by CTA Digital for 7-13″ Tablets

The articulating wall mount is a great solution for whenever you need to keep your hands free. For instance, in the kitchen while cooking or while watching videos in the bedroom.

The wall mount has an extendable arm of almost 16.5″ in from the wall. The mount also offers 4 sturdy joints that move when you need to adjust the viewing position and complete rotation cycle of 360 degrees.

The arm can be easily mounted to any wall with the included hardware. Similar to other CTA Digital mounts, this one also has a security lock despite that it is a simple holder made from steel. This mount is definitely value for money and will fit the Microsoft Surface Pro 13″ display. See more about alternative Microsoft Surface Pro tablet wall mounts.