Best Wall Mounts for a Microsoft Surface Go Tablet

The Surface Go tablet has its advantages for sure. Like its the lightest Surface produced by Microsoft, and its battery lasts for 9 hours. What else could you expect from a tablet? A portable keyboard that transforms it into a 10″ laptop. Sure, you’ve got it. And here are the precise sizes of this tablet, in case you are looking for the perfect Microsoft wall mount solution, and ditch the portable accessories.

Dimensions of the tablet:

9.65″ x 6.90″ x 0.33″ (245 mm x 175 mm x 8.3 mm)

Well, not for forever, though. You can still remove the tablet anytime you wish and use it to send write your emails and do some meaningful work. So, here you go with the first wall mount candidate for a Microsoft Surface Go tablet.

Would you like to see more about the “Cling” VESA Mount by Maclocks for Microsoft Surface Go tablets? Check out the video to get a real example.

Space Enclosure by Maclocks

Perhaps, this mount is not one of the most stylish choice out there. The good news is that it is stable as a rock. It is made from high grade aluminum and includes extra padding for the protection of the Surface tablet.

You will also benefit from continuous charging while mounted and fast lock/unlock system. If you are looking for a VESA Surface wall mount, well this one has a standard 100 x 100 VESA plates. It is also compatible with the Macklocks security cable lock, if you wish to use it instead of the usual key.

Additionally, you can get a screen shield for $24.95. The mount is perfect for a kiosk system, in education, retail and as a POS device.

VidaMount On-Wall Mount Compatible with Surface Go

This product offered in Black or White has a simple installation and access to the tablet and its ports via the removable cover. However, the charging solution is sold separately from the mounting kit.

Anyhow, it is still great due to the low profile design. And you will only need to drill 4 holes to mount it. What you will get in the box is the enclosure, some screws, 4 wall anchors and foam spacer, in case the tablet thickness isn’t enough to fill the space.

Though, we doubt that the Microsoft Go will need it. The tablet is not particular slim in contrast to others. And you will also get installation manual.

CTA Digital Locking Mount

This lasting wall mount keeps your tablet protected from theft and easily accessible in the office, classroom and your home. It is a sort of a flush mount with a key security system.

The mount can be installed in both landscape and portrait positions while your device remains charged in use. It also has a heavy-duty construction made using metal. The mount is also suitable for iPad devices and can be ordered in white or black.

VESA Mount for Surface Go by Hecklerdesign

This is the best suited solution for businesses wishing to use the Surface Go tablet as a POS system. This VESA mount supports both VESA 75 and VESA 100 patterns if you wish to pair the mount with a floor stand.

The mount is also designed to control the air flow. The open-back design makes sure that the tablet is cool during the day. Some other features include the cord secure, preventing the charging cable to get unplugged, tamper-resistant assembly with no fingerprint traces, and a cable lock for an extra security.

The producer also provide the possibility to order the mount with Type Cover, that will hold the keypad of the tablet, or without one. You can also combine this mount with a WindFall Kiosk system that will greet visitors, and take registration on your behalf.

Wall Mount Kiosk Elevate II by the Joy Factory

Similar to other kiosk mounts, this one will let you show information to visitors whether in a hospital or a parking lot. It will also give you a piece of mind once installed that no one will be able to remove the tablet. It can be locked via a key or a security cable, and both when needed.

During the time in the enclosure, the tablet will benefit from access to WiFi and cellular signals. You will be able able to use the headphones jack and the front/rear camera. Optional accessories for this mount include an acrylic panel ensuring the rotation between landscape and portrait mode.

It is also compatible with VESA 50 mm, 75 mm and 100 mm mounts in case you need to add some other features.

Quick-Connect Wall/Desk Mounting Kit

It is another one from the CTA Digital producer. What is different this time, is the easiness with which you can attach/detach the tablet from the wall/desk stand. All, you need to do is give it a simple squeeze to release it. This function facilitates the switch between a wall mount and desktop display without having to remove the tablet.

CTA Digital Quick-Connect Mounts Displayed in a Graph with Rotating. Top, Side and Front Perspectives of the Mount.

The hardware includes a central mounting base with two satellite wall mounts being installed using the kit. Each mounting piece is equipped with an angle adjustment and 360 degree rotating function for a truly flexible mount.

So, in short, you will get a wall mount base, a desktop base and a tablet holder as well as the mounting hardware in the set. Good luck with that one! And have a look at our Surface Pro mounting sets.

“Cling” VESA 7″-13″ Tablet Wall Mount by Maclocks

The “Cling” is a universal wall mount suitable for tablets with display sizes between 7″ and 13″, including iPads and Microsoft, or even Samsung Galaxy if you wish.

The cling bracket is attached to the wall where the tablet rests peacefully inbetween the 100 mm VESA wall mount base and the charging cables. You can also change the portrait orientation quick and easy.

Though, the producer only provides the mounting cover and base, as well as the tools to mount it. You will need to secure the changing cables. But it is still a good choice for a quick set up.