Windows Tablet Wall Mounts for Microsoft Surface Go, Pro Series and Book 2 Devices

Clearly, the difference between a Microsoft Surface Go tablet and Microsoft Surface Pro device is not that significant. The first on aims to attract users on the go while the second one offers the comfort of a larger screen. Here we provide some suitable mounting gear for few of the Microsoft tablets.

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Best Features

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Koala Wall Mount by Dockem

  • Simple to Install

  • No Covered Buttons

  • Wide Compatibility

TABcare Wall Mount

  • Standard VESA Mount

  • Sturdy Aluminum Design

  • One Push Button Lock

CTA Digital Tri-Grip Security Mount

  • Universal VESA Mount

  • Quick-Connect Base to Security Clasp

  • 360° Rotation and Angle Adjustment

Durable Tablet Holder

  • Anti-Theft Protection

  • Cable Management and 360° Rotation

  • Aluminum Construction

VidaMount On-Wall Mount for Surface Go and Go 2

  • PoE Charging and Lock

  • Custom Design

  • Snap-On Cover

Vertical Dock for Microsoft Surface
  • "Grab-n-go" Ability

  • Simple and Effective Mount

  • Solid Design

Microsoft Surface Go Mounted on a Wall

Very similar to an iPad, the Microsoft Surface Go ensures superior performance for the size of a tablet, portability, touchscreen with Microsoft 10 and a Surface Pen for taking quick notes while chatting. Though if you would like to mount it on the wall you will need to consider the following dimensions:9.65″ x 6.90″ x 0.33″ (245 mm x 175 mm x 8.30 mm).

Microsoft Surface Pro tablet with Blue Keyboard  next to a Microsoft cup with a Person Typing on the Keypad

You should also know that you need a sturdy wall mount due to the specific nature of this tablet. The Surface tablets are quite tick in comparison to the iPads, so we recommend that you pay attention if you are looking for simple holder stands. Though, here are a few docking stations for a wall that we picked if you own the Microsoft Go device.

Koala Tablet Wall Mount by Dockem

This is a stable wall mount holder that can bear any device with up to 11mm thickness. Besides, we love it for its practical and simple design, and it only costs about $15. It can’t get cheaper than that. Though, if you are looking for a fully enclosed wall mount with charging, this is not it.

Koala wall mount holder in silver

It also does not provide anti-theft security. But it is a great holder for your home. Did we mention how simple it is to install? You only need 2 minutes to place the Adhesive strips on your chosen location.

VidaMount On-Wall Tablet

This black frame provided from VidaBox manufacturer is all you need if you are looking for a wall mount with a security system and PoE charging. Although, keep in mind that the charging kit is sold separately here. Additionally, the manufacturer offers snap-on cover allowing you to remove the tablet when you want and customized design with engravings.

Black On-Wall Enclosure for Windows Surface Tablets

This model is also suitable if you have Microsoft Surface 3 and Microsoft Surface Pro devices. Though, you will need to select the correct device when visiting their web page or it may not fit. The price for the VidaMount wall mount is $109.99. See more of our Surface Go wall mounts.

Microsoft Surface Pro Tablets on a Wall

Microsoft Surface Pro is an ideal tablet for those who would like to be flexible, but still have a decent performance. Especially, when having a high workload to deal with. Additionally, if you have decided to mount any Pro device from the newest 7 version to the Surface Pro 4, here are a few wall mounts we tested ourselves.

Colorful Surface Tablet Display Connected to a TV

Wall Mount Enclosure by

This wall mount is the perfect solution for Microsoft Pro 7, 6, 5 and 4 models. Although, they are all developed in consecutive years, you will find that the size of those 4 last tablets has not changed at all. Therefore, the wall mount fits for both Pro launched in 2019 and Pro from 2015.

The enclosure offered by iPadKiosks is great for digital signage and conference room management. The best news is that the mount can be placed over a wall outlet or used with a Low Voltage Power System.

Moreover, it is made from quality materials and has a slim and professional finish. You can also select whether you wish to allow access to home buttons and cameras or not.

TABcare Locking Wall Mount for Surface Pro 3/4/5/6 and 7 Editions

The TABcare producer delivers a very practical and simple design if you have any of the Pro 3 to 7 tablets. The enclosure offers total screen access for full touch capabilities, push button to lock and install or remove the tablet in seconds. The mount consists of two VESA standard plates of 100×100 mm and 75x75mm and is made from aluminum.

You can mount it in Portrait or Landscape mode. It is the perfect low-profile frame with a 10 mm enclosure to wall spacing. However, charging is not included in the package. You will only get the mount and the screws. The rest you will need to figure it out.

Microsoft Surface Pro X

The enhanced version of the Surface Pro 7 model is the X 2-in-1 convertible laptop. The device has a 13″ display and can be used with a touch pen. The dimensions of the item are the following 8.2″ x 11.3″ x 0.28″. In comparison with the Surface Pro 7, this model is taller and slimmer. Therefore, have a look at those wall mounts that are the right fit for this tablet.

CTA Digital Wall Mount for 7-13″ Tablets

This one wall mount is similar to a wall holder. Though, it does a great job for holding your tablet while watching movies or reading recipes in the kitchen. It can also be used in public areas. It has a sleek metal design and it is also very easy to mount.

The CTA Digital locking wall mount holder for Microsoft Surface tablets  with up to  up to 1.125 inches thickness

The wall mount holds up to 1.125 inches thick devices. Thus, you can use it with some of the other Surface tablets as well. Another special trait is the 360-degree viewing angle for portrait and landscape mode. Additionally, the cable clip keeps the charging cable in order.

Tablet Holder by Durable

Although, the wall mount holder by Durable can be a bit expensive for a simple holder stand, we believe it offers super clean design and practicality. This mount is made to stand the test of time. You can also have it as an extending wall arm stand or rotating wall mount.

The device has an anti-theft protection as well besides the simple installation. It is also an easy one to adjust with flexibility of -6 degrees to 46 degrees and full rotating motion with locking at each 90-degree angle. The holder is made from aluminum and steel.

Microsoft Surface Book 2

The Surface 2 tablet and laptop has a slightly larger screen than the Pro models. You can either have the 13.5″ display or 15″ screen size. Normally, the dimensions for both devices are also slightly different. Though here you will get clues for Microsoft Surface wall mount that may fit any of the devices that you would like to install.

Black Microsoft Surface Tablet with a Keypad on a White Background

TABcare Surface Book 2 13.5″ Acrylic Enclosure

This is a standard VESA enclosure for the Surface Book 2 without the keyboard. The TABcare manufacturer offers the tablet enclosure in black, white or transparent colors.

Other features involve charging installation, easy access to all buttons and ports and the possibility to use it for connecting a POS system. You also get a locking system, security screws with one screwdriver and an averagely priced VESA mount.

Vertical Dock for Surface Book Series

If you are looking to get a docking station which can help you in organizing your work desk, here we have the perfect solution – the Vertical Dock. According to Reddit user opinions, this dock is just great in reducing neck/eye strain, remove the tablet and go, and reducing the clutter of cables on your desk.

It is a suitable stand for both 13.5″ and 15″ Surface Book tablets. The stand also includes cooling and landscape/rotation kits. It will make your life easy if you go for it.