Best iPad Pro Wall Mounts for All Generations with Charging and PoE

Here, you will find our selected wall mounts suitable for your iPad Pro device. If you are looking for the newest products in the tablet mounting category, including mounts with charging and Power over Ethernet (PoE) you’ve come to the right place.

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We offer you some high-quality goods made from solid materials, integrating the lastet trends like wireless unlocking, better air flow, and power supply while taking care of the battery’s life.

Find our top mounting suggestions for iPad Pro below.



Best Features


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  • Sturdy Mount

  • Button Access

  • Anti-Theft Protection

CTA Digital 2 in 1 Wall Mount

  • Adjustable Holder

  • 2 Ways to Install 

  • Locking Mechanism

TABcare VESA Mount

  • VESA Mount

  • Key Locking

  • Access to Buttons

Wall Mount for Pro 12.9″ and 9.7″ Tablets from the 1st Generation of Apple Models

Even though, Apple launched the 1st generation of Pro tablets long ago (in 2016), they still have a strong presence on the market, and the best part of every Apple device – the home button. It is usually not so difficult to find a mounting gear for those two devices from the Pro series. Or any other iPad wall mounts on our dedicated page.

Kiosk Wall Mount with Reading QR Code Software
Kiosk Wall Mount with Reading QR Code Capability

There are quite a few producers focusing on providing solutions for Apple tablets. It would be much harder to finding a mounting kit if you own any of the iPad 2/3/4 generations. Anyway, let’s get to the first wall mount for a 12.9″ Pro tablet.

Beelta iPad Wall Mount

This sturdy wall mount kiosk will keep the iPad Pro protected and ready to use. It is best suited as a mount for visitor check-in or as a POS tool and exhibition display for showing information to potential customers. The mount is made from thick steel, has a locking highlight and delivers button access. You can switch between landscape and portrait orientation and tilt up to 30 ° . The mount is only suitable for iPad Pro 9.7″ tablet.

loop Wall Mount for Pro 9.7″ Will Have You Amazed

The loop wall mount for iPad Pro is ideal for style lovers as it has an elegant classic look and it quite a round wall mount that you can also spin in portrait and landscape mode anytime you wish.

The black version of the mount is offered as a flush mount meaning that the mount levels up with the wall, so you don’t see a space between the mount and the wall, and all cables are tucked behind. Viveroo offers this mount in three colors – black, white and grey.


  • PoE and Secure Lock
  • High-Quality Aluminum
  • Timeless Design


  • Electrical Installation Required

You can also have the mount made from glass, gold or ceramics. In terms of functionality, you get an easily removable tablet, locking system via an app or Bluetooth connection and power over Ethernet connector to do the power and data supply.

This one will be a great addition to your home décor or business office where you can impress your guests and clients alike.

If you do not fancy the round shape of this one, the German manufacturer also offers a square one for iPad Pro 9.7″ tablet that has all the capabilities likewise the loop mount apart from the rotating motion.

loop mount in black

12.9 iPad Pro Wall Mount – Get on Amazon!

VidaMount black enclosure may be just what you need to convert this iPad into a display panel from where you can control your home or inform your visitors in the office. Besides the many benefits that come with this wall mount, perhaps the best one is the tilt function that is adjustable up or down up to 10 degrees for the perfect viewing angle.

Another cool feature is that you can choose whether to have the home button open to access or not, therefore you will have some privacy if it’s needed. You will also get a cable system that goes thought the rear VESA plate. In short, it is a classic wall mount built from quality materials that will keep your tablet protected and charged on your wall.

2nd Generation Pro 12.9″ and 10.5″ iPad Models: Get a Mounting Equipment

What would be the one docking station that can accommodate both tablets on its sturdy aluminum composition despites the inch difference? Well, here is the answer. The free is an open wall mount with a minimalist composition. Though, do not be fool by the simple exterior of the charging dock. It comes packed with benefits.

Whether you wish anti-theft protection, or PoE cable supply – you’ve got it all. You can also charge the wireless pen of your tablet while on the stand due to the wide open construction of the mount.

free Stand with an iPad and the PoE Connector and Charging Cables
free Wall Mount with an iPad and its PoE Network

This mount is our personal favorite as it delivers an elegant and contemporary appealing combined with the high-quality materials and advantages, you will not be left unsatisfied. That’s for sure. It is also suitable for iPad Pro 1st and 3rd generation tablets. Though, if you only have iPad 2nd/3rd or 4th gen, see our mounting suggestions here.

TABcare Mount for Pro 10.5″

The TABcare wall mount is a very good alternative if you wish a VESA enclosure. This mounting set fits iPad Pro 9.7″, 10.5″ and 11″ tablets. You can use it as a kiosk, POS and trade show display. The mount can be quickly installed in seconds and locked via a single push button. It is entirely built from aluminum and it will steadily protect the iPad.

12.9″ and 11″ iPad Pro 3rd Generation Wall Enclosure

As already mentioned, free docking station will fit most iPad Pros and a few other devices. Though, if you are looking for a classic wall mount with a stylish look, check out the “one”. It is a fully enclosed wall mount with a very low-profile design.

one wall mount by viveroo

In fact, you may not even notice where the wall mount begins as it blends perfectly with lines of the display.The advantages you will receive by choosing the “one” mount are safety lock, hidden cables and buttons, PoE power supply and simple installation.

The mount is locked and fixed to the wall with a screw cap. It comes in three colors – silver, dark grey and black and is made from pure high-quality aluminum.

Additionally, you get all installation parts, cables and connectors within the mounting kit. Due to its private nature this device is perfect for Point of Sale venues, exhibitions and other public areas as well as private spaces.

Even so, if you are looking for a good average priced solution to use at home, we recommend that you have a look at the CTA Digital 2-in-1 Wall Mount. It is a versatile mount that you will fall in loved with.

See the wall mounts for iPad Air generation in case you may be wondering what choices are there.