Best Wall Mount for iPad Mini 2, 3, 4 and 5 Tablets – PoE & Flush Docks

It shouldn’t be that difficult to find the right iPad Mini wall mount on the internet. Yet, if you are not entirely sure what you are looking for your mind may be confused due to the different shapes and styles of the mounts.

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Therefore, we created this short article to help you pick the best wall mount for the Mini device that you own whether it is Mini 1, 2, 3 or 4 and 5 generations. You will find wall mounts, enclosures with charging and flush installation. Read below.

Discover the top 3 iPad Mini wall mounts here.

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Wall Mount

Top Features

iPad Device


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Matone Holder

  • Suction Cup

  • Extremely Flexible

  • Fits 4" to 11" Displays

Mini 2, 3 and 4

CTA Digital Security Grip Mount

  • Adjustable Grip

  • 360° Rotation

  • Key Lock

Mini 1,2,3, 4 and 5

VidaMount On-Wall Mount

  • PoE and Lock

  • Personal Design

  • Simple Installation

Mini 1,2,3, 4 and 5

Home Automation: Mounts for Gen Mini

Are you just getting into home automation? Or you have already built a few smart appliances around the house? Well, whatever the case is, you may as well mount the device on the wall, so you can control your environment like regulating the thermostat and turning on the lights.

Grey Wall Mount Enclosure for iPad Mini on the Wall
Grey Wall Mount on the Wall

You can also stream videos and read recipes in the kitchen thanks to the holder. Therefore, here we offer you 2 stylish choices for an iPad Mini wall mount. Though, if you wish to get another iPad device fixed on the wall, visit our main iPad wall mount page to get more ideas.

Matone iPad Holder for the Kitchen, Bedroom and Bathroom

The Matone Tablet Holder is very easy to install, and you can mount it on almost any flat surface including windows.The mount is equipped with flexible joints allowing to fully rotate and adjust the viewing angle. It is also rather inexpensive and very suitable for Mini 2/3 and 4 generations.

Although, it won’t keep your tablet charging all the time, and there is no theft security, so that makes it inappropriate for public spaces. Luckily, we’ve got another our second choice for you.

One as a Home Automation Display or POS Device

Aluminum-made ‘one’ by viveroo is great for mounting it as a display panel at home, or even in the office. The best news is that it compensates for the missing points of the previously mentioned holder, but it is not so flexible.

So, you will get an aseptically appealing wall mount with a minimalistic character that covers all buttons and ports of your tablet, is constantly plugged in with an PoE connector, and has a locking system.

Besides the safety features, the producer also delivers certified parts in the set, so that the battery life of your tablet is preserved. The wall mount comes into three variations – silver, anthracite and black.

Quality is guaranteed as the product is made in Germany. This one is compatible with Mini 4 & 5 models.


  • High-Quality Aluminum
  • PoE and Locking
  • Hidden Buttons and Cables


  • Hard Removal of the iPad
  • Power Installation Required

Secure On-Wall Tablet Enclosures

Perhaps, if you wish your tablet to be protected all the time, it is better to get a tablet stand that has offers a locking system either with a physical key or via Wi-Fi connection.

Here we would like to take the opportunity to offer you a wall mount that is slightly different than the fully framed stations that you can usually find with a locking feature. And some other good-looking mounts with a security system for Mini devices.

CTA Digital Security Grip Mount

The CTA Digital wall mount holder is a good fit for any iPad Mini device since the adjustable grip can accommodate 7″ to 14″ displays of various devices. Furthermore, the holder tilts on a hinge and can switch between portrait and landscape orientations. Access to all tablet ports and buttons is allowed and the tablet is locked via key.

free iPad Mini Wall Mount with PoE Connector

The ‘free’ docking station by viveroo may not seem very secure at first sight since it is quite an open mount with few details and very straightforward lines.

Even so, the open wall dock has a secretive nature. The iPad wall mount is lockable via a mechanical key. So, you can have an appealing asymmetrical dock with a lock. If you have a Mini 4 or Mini 5 tablets, it will be the best choice for you.

PoE Connector Parts and Cables for Charging an iPad on a Wall Mount
PoE Connector for an iPad Wall Mount

iPad Mini Flush Wall Mount

Flush mounts are an ideal solution due to their ability to merge with the color of the wall . The mount will not be so noticeable and it will put emphasis on the tablet screen. For a clean look, here we offer a two flush wall mounts that will become a part of your wall or any solid surface like wood.

Wall-Smart Solid Mount

The solid flush mount is only suitable for Mini 5 devices. The mount can be installed on a wooden surface and in any orientation. The home button is still accessible and power supply provided. The package includes the wall adapter, rubber pads, spacer, screws and positioning template.

Wall-Smart solid mount for iPad Mini 5 on a wooden wall.

To mount it you will need to insert the USB connector and magnetically drop the iPad in place. Then, the iPad needs to be pushed on the right side to be taken away from the mount.

iPort Control Mount

Now, if you own iPad Mini 1, 2 or 3, this wall mount is for you. The iPort Control Mount is the perfect flush mount for Mini tablets. It charges the iPad via 15 DC low voltage and the original Apple cable provided with the iPad.

And it hides all the cables in the mounting box that goes into the wall.The mount has a button that lets you control the power of the iPad. You will also have an easy access of the home button with no un-mounting.

The low-profile frame levels up with the wall and there is a built-in control system in case of public display and uses.

iPort Control wall mount in white with an iPad Mini device

Which One to Get?

The answer here depends on few factors in terms of Mini model compatibility and the purpose you would like your wall mount to serve. For an easy installation and maintenance, we recommend the Matone holder.

It is an inexpensive stand that will do the job to hold your tablet while your hands are occupied. Though, it is definitely not suitable for public places and external use since it lacks anti-theft protection.

You could also find the white VidaMount wall mount suitable for your needs since the mount offers charging, locking and personalized design.

While the best iPad mini wall mounts with a security system must be the ‘free’ docking station or ‘one’ by viveroo.

For more tablet inspiration, see the next category for the top performing iPad Air wall mounts that you might want to consider.