Wall Mounts and Enclosures for iPad Air 1, 2 and 3 Generation Tablets

Welcome to our page! You will get to know the best Air wall mounts for your specific needs and tablet generation. If you are looking for a high-end goods with a stylish character, check out the flush mounts for Air/Air 2 tablets by viveroo. You will find many benefits, and cool features like the fully rotating motion of the loop mount.

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Discover our top 3 wall mounts for iPad Air and their advantages in the table below.

Product Image

Wall Mount

Top Features

iPad Device


Online Shop

elago Mount

  • Simple to Mount

  • Cable Management

  • Easy Removal

Air 1 and Air 2

AboveTek Wall Mount

  • Flexible Base

  • Adjustable Bracket

  • Simpe Installation

Air 2

CTA Digital Extending Arm Mount

  • Cable Routing

  • Metal Design

  • Wide Compatibility

Air 3

1st iPad Air Wall Mount Enclosure

Although, the proclaimed Air series production was discontinued in 2017, there is nothing spotting you from mounting this tablet on the wall. It will do just as well as other Apple tablets. And if you are experiencing difficulties finding the perfect wall mount for Air 1 tablet, here we offer you a selection of docking station.

Surface Mounts on the ISE 2020 with Drivers for Crestron, Savant, Control4, KNX and more
Wall Mounted Tablet

The iPad Air comes with the following dimensions 240 mm (9.4 in) height x 169.5 mm (6.67 in) width x 7.5 mm (0.30 in) depth. Therefore, you can consider one of the next tablet holders to meet the size criteria.

viveroo free Charging Station on the Wall

The ‘free’ docking station by viveroo will fit any iPad Air device from 9.7″ to 10.5″ displays. You can expect a minimalist look enhanced with full extras like locking via a mechanical key, charging via PoE connector, and removing the tablet any time you need it with no effort.

Its simple design is just a cover-up for the technical capabilities this docking station delivers to the owner. It’s easy to install in portrait and landscape mode on any wall using the provided mounting set.

Open Design Wall Mounts in 4 Colors - Grey, Silver, White and Gold
free Docking Stations in Dark Grey, Silver, White and Gold Finishes

elago Wall Mount for iPad Air

The wall holder is a practical solution for private space. It is simple to mount and the adjustable grip can accommodate different iPad devices. The double protection makes sure that the iPad is not scratched from any screws.

The silicone elago mount on a wall with few advantages mentioned on the image.

The mount itself is made from high-quality silicone that is non-toxic to the human body. It is best suited for home automation or as a display panel in your home environment.


  • Protected from Scratches
  • Cable Management
  • Wide Compatibility


  • No Anti-Theft Protection
  • No Charging Kit Provided

Air 2 Mounting Gear

In full honesty, there seems to be very little difference between the Air and Air 2 models by Apple in terms of size. Though, it looks like the Air 2 is 1.4mm thinner than the previous generation.

Still, it’s not a significant difference, so it can be easily managed and compensated for, and many Air wall mounts will also fit Air 2 devices.

In any case, you can always go for the ‘free’ dock.  If you have another iPad device, find the iPad wall mount page where you can get a greater selection of mounting kits. 

Though, if you wish something new and fresh from the mounting catalog, we have few proposals that will be perfect matching fit for Air/Air 2 tablets.

loop Flush Mount and On-Wall Dock

If you have ever been dreaming about a round rotating flush mount, here is your dream solution – the loop wall dock. Besides the timeless design, you can quickly switch from landscape to portrait orientations just by rotating the upper plate of the wall mount.

loop Docking Station for iPad Tablets
The loop Flush Mount for an iPad

Although, this wall mount is not open as the free station, you will still have possibility to remove the tablet and lock it when you need it. In fact, you will only need to have your Bluetooth connected to be able to unlock the device.

The Air wall mount also comes with a PoE charger and full functionality. By replacing individual parts, you will be able to fill all 9.7″ iPads in few steps.

This charging station is made from pure aluminum or glass and is presented in 3 colors – black, white and silver. It is also suitable to integrate on a kitchen table or an office desk.

AboveTEK iPad Wall Mount for 2nd Air Generation

This wall mount takes exactly 5 minutes to install on the wall. It offers a flexible rotation and a solid basis. You will be able to switch between portrait and landscape orientation.

The AboveTek mount from the behind and the front view. Two installation brackets showned on the image.

And enjoy the horizontal or vertical tilting that will give a better viewing angle. It is a good alternative for Air 2 devices and if you want to save some space as well.

square Flush Charging Station

With very similar functionalities to the loop dock is the square iPad mount, both produced by German manufacturer viveroo. In fact, the major change that you will discover is the style.

The loop is rather round and can spin like the Wheel of Fortune while the square flush mount is very classic and not so flexible in terms of movement.

square mount with a hand pressing on the home button to release the iPad

Though, you will still be able to remove the tablet, and use a custom app to lock it/unlock it, charge it with a single PoE connector and rely on all the great benefits that the producer has to offer. Moreover, you can have it in white, black and silver and made from glass or aluminum.

Air 3 – “10.5” Tablet Mounting Kit for an iPad

The third generation Air was only released on March 2019, but it keeps stealing hearts away. Now, if you wish to mount the 3rd Air tablet on your wall, you may not be able to benefit from the loop and square flush mounts as the 10.5″ display tends to make a difference as usual.

Though, this does not mean you won’t be able to get a great wall mount for this Apple tablet. You can find many great advantages if you choose to buy ‘free’ stand or ‘one’ wall mount enclosure for your iPad Air, and even Pro tablets if you wish. Or the iPad Mini docking stations.

CTA Digital Articulating Arm Wall Mount

This wall mount features an extending arm that makes a suitable choice if you would like to read or watch movies in bed. It has a sleek metal design and simple mounting procedure. The cable routing grip clips keep the cable clean and tidy. The muting grip is quite flexible as well allowing for infinite positioning options.

The articulating wall mount and grip by CTA Digital with the cable clips.

one Wall Mount for Air 3 iPad

Since we already mentioned some words about the ‘free’ wall mount, here we would like to put emphasis on the ‘one’ wall mount. It is a full frame enclosure mount that offers many of the qualities that the other wall stands by viveroo have.

one wall mount for iPad Air 3 on a wall in front of a conference room

The unique feature here is the low-profile frame that encompasses the tablet, but the best news is that the minimalistic style is preserved, so it looks very elegant and like the perfect match for the iPad device.

The power supply and network data are done via a single PoE cable that you will get in the mounting set, together with the screws and the mount. You can also have this mount in silver, dark grey and black.


  • PoE and Secure Lock
  • High-Quality Aluminum
  • Charging Kit Provided
  • Minimalist Design


  • Difficult to Remove the iPad
  • Electrical Wiring Required

The mount is only made from aluminum, and is only suitable for few devices. So, you can mount it with Air 10.5″ tablets, and is also the perfect wall mount for Mini 4 & 5, Pro from 2018, and iPad 10.2″. See what other tablet wall mounting stands for iPad Pro you can get.