Best iPad Wall Mount Docking Stations incl. Charging and other Features

Are you curious to learn more about the world of wall mounting? On this page you will find few different categories of iPad wall mount kits to help you pick the best one for you. Whether you wish for a mount with lock and charging or an invisible flush enclosure you will get products that will satisfy your preferences and budget.

Our Categories on this page:

Although, some stands are somewhat inexpensive, you will also come across quality mounts like the ones produced by viveroo, VidaMount, Basalte, Maclocks, Hecklerdesign, the JoyFactor and few more.

Besides the brand names, you will get recommendations for anti-theft wall mounts and the ones suitable for home automation and the business environment. Find our top 7 iPad wall mounts below!



Best Features

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  • Sturdy Mount

  • Anti-Theft Protection

  • Access to Home Button and Front Camera

CTA Digital Security Enclosure

  • Simple to Mount

  • Anti-Theft Protection

  • Interior Cushioning

Durable Arm Tablet Holder

  • Aluminum Construction

  • Special Key Locking

  • IAdjustable Gtip Holder

Mount-It! Swing Arm Mount

  • Easy and Quick Installion

  • Tamper-Proof Mount

  • Extending Arm and Tilting

TABcare Locking Mount

  • VESA Plates

  • Aluminum Mount

  • Low-Profile Design

CTA Digital Wall/Under Cabinet Mount

  • Fits 7-13" Tablets

  • Two Mounting Bases

  • Locking and Flexible Joints

VidaMount White On-Wall Mount

  • Custom Design

  • Charging and Protection

  • Snap-On Cover

Best Wall Mounts for iPad with Power & Ethernet

Maybe, you wish to use the tablet on the stand without removing it to often. So, you are considering the power supply and Ethernet connection. Thus, here you will discover a few mounting sets with charging adapters and CAT cables to get you connected to the network. Further information on the best ipad wall mounts you will find here.

Kiosk Full Enclosure Wall Mount Stand for iPad
Kiosk Wall Stand for an iPad

free by viveroo

Another German producer of high-quality products is viveroo. They offer 4 wall mount stations for the iPad generations. Here we look at the free product design. It is a classic stand with a clear line design that will complement any minimalistic home décor or business environment.

The stand has a unique form that allows the tablet to slide any time you wish to remove it or put it back. It will almost feel like an automatic action to connect the iPad to the lightening adapter. This one is also lockable via a mechanical key.

viveroo free wall mount in dark grey color on a white background with iPad on the docking station

If you are also looking for an iPad wall mount with PoE connector, the viveroo mounting set allows you to install the standby connecting the charging cable and the Ethernet cable via a single connector which will power your device and provide data. What’s more, once the tablet is freed from the stand, the device will automatically connect to the Wifi.

The design comes into two colors – silver and dark grey while the dock is made from pure aluminum. It is compatible with Mini 4/5, iPad 9.7″ from 2017/2018, iPad 10.2″, iPad Pro 1st, 2nd and 3rd generations up to 12.9″, and Air 10.5″.

VidaMount On-Wall iPad Enclosure

The snap-on cover and no wall cutout required are features worth testing. Moreover the VidaMount low-profile mount can be bought with an adapter and the Ethernet cable in different lengths. You can also get a custom plug for the adapter.

VidaMount White On-Wall enclosure on a white background with an iPad

The mount can be customized with a logo or personal statement and it comes in two colors – black and white. The price for the mounting set is $109.99. Yet, when the custom design and power supply is added, the price hits the $300 mark. Considering that the mount is made from polymer, you may want to get an aluminum one for roughly the same price.

iPort Surface Mount

The iPort Surface Mount can be installed on any solid surface, wall or glass. The iPad is enclosed in an aluminum bezel with a minimalist design. Additionally, the mounting set comes with a splitter and injector. By using the iPort’s PoE and CAT cable, the mount can be installed up to 300 ft. from the plug outlet that is the power source.

The iPort surface wall mount for iPads on white background

The iPad stays secure with the built-in locking feature. Still, access to the power button, microphones and speakers is available. The mount comes in three variants – black, silver and white. It is also compatible with most recent iPad tablets like Mini 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5, Air 1 and 2, iPad 5th, 6th and 7th generations, and iPad Pro models. The price is about $300 per unit.

Hecklerdesign Wall Mount with Power

The Hecklerdesign wall mount with power is suitable for 10.2″ iPad 7th Gen and iPad Mini. The wall mount offers a slim profile and almost a flush-like installation. The frame is 0.5″ thin and the mounting set includes an integrated 24V passive PoE adapter to pair with an 24V passive injectors. The wall mount also features ample ventilation for passive airflow to cool the tablet.

Hecklerdesign wall mount for iPad 7th generation with locking on a wall in an office

In the box you will get the wall mount and the PoE power, the drywall mounting hardware and the assembly tool. The mount is not compatible with PoE 802.3af switches, PoE+ 802.3at switches, or 48-volt passive injectors. If you wish to conver the 48V PoE+ or standard PoE to 24V passive, you need to use the PoE Texas GAT-24v25w. The price for the bundle is $199.00

HyperSpace Rugged iPad Mount

The new masterpiece enclosure by Maclocks is made to protect the tablet with its tamper-proof design. The device is installed in between the two aluminum plates while the charging cable goes through a cable slot on the rear plate.

The HyperSpace rugged black wall mount by Maclocks on a white background

The iPad wall mount is fasted with security screws and the user can control the level of access to the volume and power buttons, audio jack and lightening connector. The 100 mm VESA plate can also be paired with other stands and kiosk systems. The mount is also compatible with a security cable lock.

Top Anti-Theft Security Enclosures for iPads

As you may have noticed up till now, we discussed a few iPad wall mounts with a locking system. And often tablet wall mounts come with some type of locking system whether it is by locking it with a key or via an app.

Some stable wall mounts are the Mount-It! Temper proof enclosure for iPad that is locked via a pin-hole and the TABcare Anti-Theft VESA enclosure for most Apple tablets. Normally, wall holders that cost about $20 to $30 per kit do not have the anti-theft protection.

Though, if you want to be sure that no one is touching the device, it’s best to get a fully enclosed stand.If you are willing to pay more for a quality stand and a software-built locking mechanism, we recommend that you have a look at the viveroo docking stations for various iPad tablet models.

one viveroo

one is a the creation of the harmonious balance between the iPad device and the wall mount. It has a very minimalst design and thin profile that pleases the eyes. The mount is locked via two security screws on the side which makes it difficult to demount.

Aluminum wall mount in black on a wall with two hands touching the mount,

All cables, ports and buttons remain hidden as well. So, the user is only left with the display and its enclosure. The mount is compatible with the following tablets:

  • mini 4, mini 5
  • iPad 10,2″ (new)
  • Air 10,5″ (2019)
  • Pro (2018/2020) 11″/12,9″

If you have another iPad, you can request an individual order.

TABcare Security VESA Enclosure

It is the typical metal enclosure, strong and secure, that you can install and get a peace of mind that the device will be protected. The enclosure is made from aluminum and comes with two keys. It is suitable for most iPad devices and the price for the set is $80. Though, you can get titling and rotating highlight for an extra $35.

The aluminum TABcare wall mount with a locking key on the bottom

DURABLE Wall Arm Tablet Holder

The DURABLE tablet holder is a versatile wall mount that fits tablets with 7″ to 13″ displays. The holder can adjust its grip, tilt between -6° to +46° and switch from landscape to portrait orientation. The locking is via a special key that goes through a small hole at the bottom. It does not have a continuous charging, but it offers a cable management system. The price is about $100 per mounting unit.

The extending arm wall mount made using aluminum mounted on a wall with an iPad

Maclocks Space Enclosure

The Space enclosure by Maclocks comes with its unique design of round edges and open corners for better air ventilation. The tablet can be continuously charged while mounted and also locked with a pair of keys. The mount also has a slot for a cable lock when needed. It also fits a large range of iPads with screen sizes of 8″ to 12.9″. The price is $89.95.

The Space Enclosure by Maclocks

armourdog Kiosk POS Mount

This solid metal mount will be a safe station for any iPad device. You can bolt it to a table or a wall. It has a tilting flexibility of 35 degrees and a 75mm VESA plate. In addition to the locking mechanism, the kiosk POS wall mount is compatible with the charge and protect alarm system of the manufacturer. Custom design and colors are all available on request! It is compatible with the Apple iPad Air 1/2, Pro 9.7 and 2017/8 iPad.

The armourdog kiosk wall mount for iPad devices in black

VidaMount Tilting Wall Mount

The VidaMount iPad dock is simple to lock with a single screw on the top. Then you can tilt the mount for better viewing. The great advantage of this mount is the range of tablets that is compatible with.

Rear plate of the tilting wall mount by VidaMount

The mount also has a standard VESA plate, so it can be paired with kiosk or floor stands. You can also add the logo of your organization or a personal statement. Depending on the optional features you may wish the price varies between $100 and $350 per mounting set.

Maclocks Rokku Mount

The Rokku mount has a full-tamper proof deisgn. The user is not allowed to access the switch on/off and volume button while charging ports and audio jacks remain accessible. It is a light enclosure made from aluminum that will keep the iPad safe and secure. The wall mount kiosk is locked with a key. The basic price is $119.95 for the set.

CTA Premium Locking Mount

The metal wall mount by CTA is a secure choice when needing to protect the iPad device from theft. The mount has two plates with the rear plate offering a cable slot for an easy cable routing and management.

White wall mount with the locking keys on the side

This a heavy-duty locking enclosure that mounts flush against the wall in either vertical or horizontal position. The mount is compatible with iPad Pro, Air and 5th, 6th and 7th Gen Apple tablets. It is also a good buy if you are on a budget with the price being about $40 for the hardware set.

Flush iPad Mounting

Flush mounts are unique since the mounting frame is almost like an invisible part of the installation. Some people prefer flush mounts as they are left only with the display screen of their tablet. Thus, you would not notice the wall mount. Moreover, some wall mounts can be painted over with the color of the wall delivering a monochrome environment.

Wall-Smart Flush Mount

The Wall-Smart company is long known for its affinity towards invisible, flush on solid surface and retrofit mounts. Perhaps, they can offer you what you are looking for on a decent budget. The invisible mounts are available for iPad 7th Generation, iPad Air 3, iPad Mini 5 and iPad Pro 11″ and 12.9″ tablets.

Invisible flush wall mount for iPad 11"

The mount can be installed with or without audio grills. It levels up with the wall completely. The home button remains accessible. The iPad can be easily inserted or removed using a suction cup. It can be installed in any orientation and also supplied with power and Ethernet when the proper installation is done.

The package includes PoE to USB converter. The IEEE 802.3at PoE+ power source should be connected via CAT6 cable and RJ45 connector.

loop viveroo

The loop surface by viveroo will prove to be a stylish choice for every owner. The mount owns many features that you won’t easily find with other brands. Besides the round look, the loop switches from landscape to portrait with a single touch.

loop wall mount in black

The iPad is locked from distance via an app or Bluetooth. loop can be flush mounted on a wall or integrated in a table. The tablet remains to be charged while on the station. The mounting set with the power supply hardware costs about $1000.

iWalldock for iPad

The design by iWalldock mounts the iPad flush on the wall. The design allows easy insertion and removal of the iPad while the “Fixed Adapter Plate” protects the device from theft. Removal is still possible while in fixed mode using a suction grip tool provided in the kit.

white flush wall mount by iWalldock

The flush mount also comes with the charging accessories like the lightening cable. The wall mount is available in few color shades including black, white, grey and dark wood color. The price varies between $219.99 and $279.99 depending on the device model.

High-Quality Mounts

Here you will get to know a few docks that are made from high-quality materials, come with certified parts, and have an appealing design. Though, if you do not fancy plastic holders see what some highly priced products can offer you.

Eve by Basalte

A stylish wall mount for an intelligent home. The Eve mount is precision-made by high-quality materials. It also has a magnet feature allowing for the simple detachment from the wall.

White Eve wall mount on a table

The elegant wall mount is protected via a security cover by means of a small tool. The mounting set also included the charging hardware, so if you want a tablet wall mount with continuous charging, this one will provide you with all the necessary equipment.

MagConnect On-Wall Mount

This mount by the JoyFactory will surprise you with its lightweight carbon fiber construction and magnetic attachment. The mount features a security lock. It can be installed on a wall stud, counter and desktop only using 4 screws.

The back mechanism of the MagConnect mount

The MagConnect locking mount is the next step in the evolution of tablet mounts. The iPad is secured into a snap-on hard-shell case but it can also be used with the aXtion M or MP rugged cases. When the case is attached to a compatible device, the snap-on tray or rugged case immediately interlocks with the MagConnect receiver.

For a more secure connection the precision screw on the mount can be tightened to reinforce the connection. The price for this mounting set is only $139.99.

Wall Holder by Durable

The tablet holder with an arm for a wall by Durable offers elegant design, functionality and practical focus. The flexible support ensures optimal angle for readability while attached to the wall. The mount is made from aluminum and thermoplastic.

The adjustable grip attached to the wall with an iPad in front of it

It is ideal for tablets with display between 7″ to 13″ and thickness up to 0.314″ or 8 mm. It is suitable for iPad 2/3/4/5 and 6 generations, 12.9″/10.5″/11″ iPad Pro and 9.7″ iPad Pro, iPad Mini 2/3/4 and iPad Air/Air 2.

iPad Wall Mounts on a Budget

You will find a fine collection of budget-centered wall mounts for different iPad tablets that do not cost a lot and are fairly easy to install. Those ones also were reviewed most positively by our readers. If you are still unsure about the type of device you would like to mount, have a look at the tablet mounting kits for iPad and Android that may give you a greater wall mount choices. 

Under $25

Surely, the most inexpensive and stable wall holder for iPad Mini/Pro and Air (or any tablet up to 11mm thick) will fit the Koala Dock by Dockem for $14.99. The best benefit is that you will need a hammer, Philips screwdriver, screws, anchors and 5 minutes to mount it. All the screws and self-drilling anchors are included in the packages.

Koala mount mounted on the wall with a black iPad and a white charging cable on the side

Between $26 and $35

The CTA Digital 2-in-1 kitchen tablet stand, and a wall mount is a universal holder that can be used for iPad 10.2″/12.9″, iPad Pro 11″, iPad Mini 5, iPad Gen 6 and Air 3. Although, if you have another device with a width between 6″ and 8.75″ and display between 7″ to 13″, you can fully benefit from this product’s capabilities for a little less than $30.

The holder mounted in few different ways - under cabinet, on a wall and as a desktop mount

The mount has a sleek aluminum body that can be easily folded and rotated fully for a better display angle. Besides the flexibility, it is also an easy one to install on your wall or under the cabinet. Additionally, you can use the base to make it hold your tablet on the desk or the table. The stand also has a quick release button to help you insert or remove the tablet.

Between $36 and $50

The Mount-It! Swing Arm iPad wall mount can seem awkward at first sight due to its swinging arm. Not a typical wall mount, but still great for check-ins, POS, trade shows and any other exhibitions.To set it up, you will need only a few screws.

The swing arm of the Mount-it! wall mount with an iPad showing rotating directions

The privacy is also secured with this mount. The case is restricted with a pin access to use most buttons and remove the tablet. It fits iPad 9.7″, and has an adjustable padding for iPad 2/3/4, iPad Air, iPad Pro 9.7 and iPad generations 5 and 6. The case also has a tilt function and cable management system. Its cost is $47.99.

Above $51

Beelta wall mount is a sturdy construction made from steel, strong and endurable, keeps the tablet protected against theft, and is the perfect station for a public location. Despite the full enclosure, you will have access to all buttons and the front camera.

The mount can be installed in either portrait or landscape mode, and tilt to a 30-degree angle.This particular mount is sold only in white color, and the range of iPad tablets that fit in is not so great.

The front of the white wall mount enclosure

Though, if you own an iPad Air 1/Air 2, iPad 5th or 6th generations and iPad Pro 9.7″, it is the one made for you. Something to pay attention to is that 9.7″ iPad tablets are slightly different than the 9.7″ Pro model, therefore it may not be the most suitable stand.

If you would like to know whether you can rely on this mount, the dimensions of your tablet must be: 9.4 x 6.6 x 0.24(inch) / 240 x 169.5 x 6.1(mm). The price is $69.99.

Home Automation & Business Environment

Well, you can technically get any wall mount for your home or business environment as long as it has a decent style and protection. However, we would like to offer you to consider the ‘one’ by viveroo.

The product has an amazing design and is full of cool features that will equally impress your guests and business clients with its modest, but strong presence.The stand encloses the iPad completely, but the design is so thin that you would not even notice it is a wall mount.

Cue Reservation System Booth at ISE 2020

It seems more like an extension of the device rather than a kiosk system. It also comes with guaranteed parts, locking systems and hidden ports and buttons for an even more elegant look.

Apart from the silver color, you can also have it in anthracite and black. You can fit it Mini 4 and 5 generations, iPad 10.2″, Air 10.5″ and Pro 11″/12.9″. If you are intersted in mounting an iPad Mini from previous generations, see our iPad Mini wall mount gear