The 5 Elements of the Smart Conference Room

If you think about the conference room of the future, you would certainly imagine a few flat screens standing on the wall helping you get through the video call with your stakeholders.

Not so far away from the truth, this is how the conference room of the present may look like if you wish to integrate smart systems in the office.

However, simply having the LED monitor on the wall would not do the job for you. You will also need to install the software that will manage your meeting schedule.

So, get to know the first thing you will need, so you manage your workspace efficiently right now or at least in the future.

Room Booking Displays

These displays represent a wall mounted device in front of the conference room that will allow you to see meeting details or book the room instantly.

What you can see is the room status light bar showing you whether the space is free/busy, search for information, visit the calendar, share the schedule with your colleagues and control from all devices.

For instance, the German manufacturer of iPad stands, viveroo offers the perfect wall mount solution for meeting rooms, namely the “one” that will keep the tablet protected and charged all the time.

Additionally, they partner with Coero, another German-based company, to provide the software solution for managing the meeting rooms in your office with a single touch from any device.

In the video, you can learn more about the software capabilities and have a look at the various iPad stands from viveroo.

Firstly, you will notice the self-checking process on a tablet kiosk stand for a desk by viveroo and then visit to the meeting rooms with the specific display in front of each space. The program also allows you to incorporate the brand logo of your company.

Moreover, you will also see the intuitive interface of the program that allows you to track how long time it will take until the meeting is over, extend the meeting.

You can also order snacks and drinks from a device located inside the room and control the room lightening and devices. Would you like to learn more about their stands? Read our article about the iPad Pro docking stations by viveroo.

Room Control Display

In fact, the device installed inside the meeting room can also serve as a point of control for the lightening, projectors, TV, AC, phone, speakers and Wifi connecton.

As long as your conference room devices are smart enough to be integrated with one another via the software you will be able to manage them from the single display that can be either mounted on the wall or flush mounted on the table.

Tip: The white loop mount by viveroo is suitable for a flush installation on a table.

If you, however experience a technical problem, you can easily contact the professional team and get support.

Reservation Display

The reservation kiosk display represents a tablet stand either on the wall or on the floor with a scanning function. The newest products by viveroo have an integrated kiosk system that will allow self-checking-in and out of your meeting visitors.

Besides the floor stand that looks most convinient for self-checking, you can also have a desk stand or off-the-wall mounting stand for your iPad that will keep a log of the visitors.

Kiosk Stand for Visitor Registration with QR reader by viveroo. Photo taken on ISE 2020 in Amsterdam.
viveroo kiosk floor stand

You can also collect information for each person when checking-in. The stand comes with a QR reader while Coero delivers the software.

Informational Display Points

The Wayfining display by Bookreen is the perfect navigation screen if you have between 4 and 10 meeting spaces. The touch display can provide information about full and empty rooms and guidance via a floor sketch ensuring that your guests are able to find the location.

System Compatibility and Features

Perhaps, you may be wondering what features those devices are compatible with. We mentioned some capabilities like schedule management, room booking, calendar and catering.

Yes, all those are integrated with the smart office devices. What’s more is that the Coero system is cloud-based working with Office 365 and Microsoft Exchange, you can manage your equipment and reservations, get notifications, do a smart search, check-in/out and have Gmail integrated.

Besides, you can also discover new ways of managing your office efficiently with the advanced reporting system. The system is compatible with Windows, iOS, Android and Samsung Smart.

Intel Unite Solution for a Seamless Collaboration

The office solution by Intel for businesses will let you to share materials and collaborate in real-time with your team from anywhere in the world. Their software helps unite geographically dispersed employees and data.

You can also connect devices for visual collaboration and conferencing, provide employee access to share information, improve communication and reduce screen sharing issues.

The product is also suitable for educational and healthcare Institution, hospitality establishments or insurance companies. Find an overview of the Intel product.

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