Smart Office Solutions: Automation Systems and Devices for Brightening the Business Environment

Automation is the way into a brilliant future. In an office particularly, automation makes a relaxed environment for your representatives with the goal that they can work in a space which caters to improving the mood and speeds up productivity. Office automation uses the web to join various systems, for example, lighting, security, heating, sensors, and so on into one succinct smart system that you can control with only a tap of a button.

Four Guys in a Meeting. Three have MacBook Laptops and Are Listening to the Fourth Guy in Front of a Whiteboard with Sticky Notes and a Schedule.

In any case, you ask yourself how a smart office work? All things considered; it uses the IoT smart office technology. You’d be astonished to realize that the first web connected machine was a straightforward coke dispenser that dealt with its stock and checked whether the soda drinks were cold. From that point forward, IoT-empowered solutions have made considerable progress and are currently the basis for smart workplaces around the world. Therefore, in this short post, we bring up some ideas to help you smarten up your work and home office place.

The “Feng Shui” of Smart Office Concept: How to Design Your Space in a Productive Way

Okay, we mentioned that the smart office uses the internet to connect devices and people across the building. What’s more the optimal utilization of IT resources and physical infrastructure allows the system to become more transparent and it enable sharing of information. The use of various communication tools and advanced automation shows a positive impact on the growth of the company and business over a period of time.

The elimination of reporting process by an open office system can make productivity increase though various communications among teams. The smart office design releases the full potential of employees and the workforce. The concept combines innovative thinking and new technology that serves best people’s needs.

Goals to Achieve Using the Interconnected Building

Common objectives of the building automation system are improved efficiency of the building, employee comfort, decrease in energy consumption and operating costs, and improve life cycle of the assets. The design concept of the smart space can be applied to a whole building reducing the energy consumption.

Security Management and Methods

Security is a crucial aspect of the system. It should be highly secured via ATM and intelligent cards, user-password systems and other technologies. Perhaps, the greatest disadvantage of those security systems is that they can be hacked, data stolen, and passwords forgotten.

RFID is also used as a security measure, though not a reliable enough since it can also be stolen or someone else can use the ID and enter the building. Up until now, the most secure and efficient solution for security is the use of biometric and fingerprint identification.

Smart System Design

The smart office can work on automatic or manual mode. In automatic mode the system will rely on on/off commands of the sub-systems like lightening and heating. Various sensors are attached to the controller on the diagram.

Diagram of Connected Sensors to the Controller, LCD Screen, PC, Mobile Devices and Alarm Responses. Smart Office Automation Scheme.
Photo taken from The Research Gate Publication

The “Motion Sensors” will detect the presence of a person in the room. It can also estimate the number of people entering the office.

The “Light Sensor” will detect the presence of light. When the level of lightening increases or decreases as during the evening the light bulb will glow according to the threshold values.

The “Temperature” sensor will detect the temperature in the room and start to operate when the temperature is below/above the set values.

The “Smoke/Fire detector” will get active in the presence of smoke or fire which will activate an alarm or buzzer, and call will be given to the fire extinguisher and the service room.

All detected data from the sensors is transmitted to the controller device which displays the data on an LCD screen.

Then, the data is sent to the computer and stored in the Office database. The data is also sent to computers in the service rooms where it is monitored. The smart office information can also be remotely monitored via an iPad, Android or a mobile device with Internet access.

In case of an emergency, the system gives a call to the admin as well as the ambulance and the service room staff.

Smart Office Products: Devices and Software Applications

Most smart office systems, if not all, rely on the cloud storage and data transfer. Therefore, it is quite common to see the integration with Microsoft cloud, Google cloud and ect. Although, some companies that offer office or home automation may present you with an unique application that will let you regulate the system and obtain information.

For instance, our partner viveroo that manufactures the wall mounts for iPad device, also cooperates with a software provider, Coero, that has the application for room booking management. Besides, wall mounts for mobile devices, you may want to get room control displays, check-in/out kiosks, or even information displays for showing the way to various rooms and floors across the building.

Another software package that you can get for your office is the Intel Unite Solution. You can connect devices for visual collaboration, conferencing, to provide access to data and reduce screen sharing issues.

Some other smart office solutions are offered by the VBE technologies and SmartOffice powered by Ebix.

In any case, if you are looking for smart bulbs or thermostats for your office or home automation project, check out the home automation ideas we’ve got for you and some popular smart producers like Philips and Ecobee4.

Anyhow, you may device to do the refurbishment of the office space on your own or outsource the automation of your building to a third-party specialist company that will mount the displays needed, change the light bulbs and offer you the software program.

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