Top 5 Nanoleaf Alternatives that Won’t Break the Bank

If you’re an LED lover or a smart home enthusiast, you’ve probably come across one of the coolest lighting creations of our time – the Nanoleaf smart light panels. Although their price has dropped ever since they came out in the market in 2016, they still go for at least $200 for 9 panels, and they could be even more expensive depending on where you buy them from.

To help you make your dream home a reality, we’ve compiled a list of 5 amazing and cheaper alternatives to Nanoleaf, which we think you’ll enjoy. So, let’s get started.


These intelligent modular LED panels have a creative triangle design just like the Nanoleaf panels, which gives you all the creative freedom you need to customize your room to your liking.

The dazzling colored panels recreate a whole 16 million colors and react to the rhythm of your music. Besides the music rhythm mode, the controller app includes an additional 180 kinds of automatic modes and solid color modes, so that the Zemismart panels can accommodate your every mood and setting. They can be used both at home and in public places, such as commercial buildings, restaurants, bars, cafes, and wherever else you can think of.

LED panels with a triangle design in yellow, orange, red, pink and purple colors

Additional pros:

Adjustable brightness
Easy to install (detailed instructions included)
iOS and Android support
Alexa and Google Home support


Not as bright as Nanoleaf
More power-consuming
Light transitions are not as smooth

Price: $160 for 9 light panels ($40 less than Nanoleaf)

Amaiton Hexagon Lights

This versatile Nanoleaf alternative comes in a honeycomb shape and is made so that it can be either attached to your wall or used as a lamp through a desktop base. Just like the Zemismart, this product has a built-in sensitive microphone that reacts to music, and in combination with its 16 million supported colors, you can achieve an authentic club experience in the comfort of your own home for a much lower price.

Hexagon LED light panel

The “Dreamcolor” app gives you full control over the panels with your smartphone, meaning that you can set up one of many static and dynamic color modes to suit your specific scene, dim the lights, and even create effects such as a sunrise, making your home environment truly come to life.

The panels can also be used in public spaces, such as hallways, restaurants, hotels, commercial buildings, etc.

Additional pros:

Bluetooth, not Wi-Fi connection for the app!
USB power supply – versatile charging options with a power bank, laptop, or another 5V/2A USB adapter
Includes acrylic base for desktop use and adhesive pads for wall/cabinet/other surface installation.
Remembers the mode it was on when it was last turned off


Only 10 pieces supported at a time with each USB power supply

Price: $66 for a 6-pack (the smallest Nanoleaf pack is a 9-pack)


The Cololight panels are very similar in both shape, size, and versatility to the Amaiton hexagon lights, but they have their own perks. These smart panels accommodate an even smoother color transition and offer an even higher quality of light than the Amaition ones.

Three LED light panel on a dock

They use a special power-saver mode that minimizes your electric bill and also their impact on the environment. You can control the panels in one of three ways: through the free app you can download onto your phone; and through Alexa or Google Home. Here you can see how they react to different types of music.

Our favorite thing about this product is that you can always buy just 1 additional panel for just $15, which is extremely convenient and allows for even more freedom and creative expression.

Additional pros:

All features included in the set-up, no additional hardware required
Unlimited tile connections


The price is higher than the Amaiton panels
Price: $110 for a 9-pack

Yescom WiFi Smart LED Light Kit

This cool energy-efficient and budget-friendly product resembled the previous two on our list in shape, size, versatility, and the fact that it also supports 16 million colors.

It has 3 color selection modes – Selected, Dynamic, and Customized. You can control it either through an app, a built-in switch and through your voice, as the panels are sound-sensitive. With them, you can achieve any kind of scene and atmosphere you want, whether you’re organizing a party, a special romantic dinner, or just a cozy night in.

S-shaped LED light panel on a dock

Our favorite things about the Yescom panels are that they come with a dimmable function, a memory function, and an auto-brightening/activating function, meaning that whenever you open the door to the room they’re in, these lights will turn bright.

Additional pros:

Works with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant
CE, RoHS, FCC Certificated
No hub or bridge required to link the panels with one another


Up to 11 blocks can be combined together at a time
Comes without a power block ( you have to connect the cable to a 5-volt, 1-amp USB outlet)
Clunky app
Wi-Fi dependent

Price: $100 for a 9-pack + tabletop base included

Tehoi Quantum Light Hexagonal Wall Light

Last, but not least on our list is the cheapest alternative out there for anyone who wants to create a cozier/more modern atmosphere in their home (or if they just want to get a cool night lamp).

The Tehoi Quantum hexagonal panels are quite practical and more limited in functionality, but thanks to their touch sensitivity, you can play with the surfaces of these panels as much as you want. They also require no app, as they come with their own special remote control. Both through it and through touch you can customize the color on each panel to fit your vision.

Hexagon LED light panel

The Tehoi Quantum panels can be used both at home and in public spaces, like e.g. bars, hotels, and restaurants. You can connect the lights in whatever pattern you want with the provided USB interconnectors and stick them to either a wall or the desktop base through the double-adhesive pads which come for free with your order.

To make them work, you have to connect one side of the provided USB cable to one of the lights and the other side to an adapter with a 5V 2A output (which is NOT INCLUDED in the pack), and then plug it in any nearby outlet.

Additional pros:

Non-destructive installation with double adhesive sticky pad
Cheaper than the rest of the products on this list
Brightness adjustable


12 panels max at a time
Not a good fit for a “smart” home, as there are no internet integrations
The light transitioning is not as smooth as with some other alternatives

Price: $88 for a 12-pack!

In case the Nanoleaf alternatives we’ve given you here are still out of your budget range, or if they’ve simply inspired you to get crafty, we have one last surprise for you.

DIY $60 Nanoleaf Lamp (No 3D Printing and No Programming)

There are many DIY Nanoleaf ideas out there, but the one we chose especially for you is much easier and much more doable than the rest, just like described in this video. Of course, it still requires some level of hand craftsmanship, but it is nevertheless worth the try if your budget is really limited.

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