iPad Holders in Bed: The Top 5 Ones to Watch Movies and to Read E-Books

Wishing to find the most suitable iPad holder to use in bed? Here we offer a few alternatives that you might want to consider. Perhaps, the most promising ones have multiple regulation levels and are firmly mounted on the wall, bedside and the night table. You could also find a portable mount like Tablift which you can carry in the bedroom and around the house altogether. If you are looking for a wall mount, check out our iPad wall mount page.



Best Features

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Tablift Stand for Bed and Sofas

  • Wide Compatibility

  • Flexible Legs

  • Suitable for Uneven Surfaces

CTA Digital Gooseneck Mount

  • 24" Gooseneck Body

  • Button Access

  • Anti-Theft Protection

Durable Clamp Tablet Holder

  • 14" Extending Arm

  • Clamp Mount

  • Locking Mechanism

CTA Digital Custom Flex Mount

  • Clamp Mount

  • Key Locking

  • Access to Buttons

Mount-It Wall Mount

  • Swivel Base

  • Easy to Install

  • Access to Buttons

Tablift Tablet Stand and Holder for Bed & Sofa

This portable stand with foldable legs will make your life much easier and enjoyable while watching and reading in bed. The design is made to endure the weight of the tablet, so the construction won’t tip over. You can also independently adjust each leg on any kind of surface.

Woman using a tablet stand in bed

The stand is suitable for most body types. Body weight over 250 lbs may touch the stand. The stand weights 2.1 lbs. The price for this mount is $39.95.

24″ Gooseneck Mount by CTA Digital

The perfect solution for twisting and tweaking the neck until you get the best viewing angle. This gooseneck mount will grant you a level of flexibility that you will probably not find anywhere else. Furthermore, the extending arm will be long enough to mount on a single or double bed.

Gooseneck mount in three positions

The CTA Digital Gooseneck mount is easily attachable to flat and round surfaces like rails via tightening of the clamp base. If it is needed, you can also get a security lock for your mount. The holder fits any displays between 7″ and 13″ including the Microsoft Surface Pro devices. Make sure to have a look at the details before ordering one. The non-secure mount costs about $75.

Durable Clamp Mount Made for iPads

This tablet holder is good to mount in the bedroom due to its long extending arm. The arm swivels up to 180° and it extend up to 14.4″ (36.57 cm). Additionally, a charging cable can be passed through the aluminum constructions. The clamp base can be attached to the bed frame or night table. If locking is needed, the holder is locked via a special key.

Durable clamp mount

This holder is compatible with most of iPad tablets and displays with 7″ to 13″ dimensions. The device should not be tick or maximum up to 0.314″ (8 mm of thickness). You can remove and insert the tablet when you need it. The rubberized interior protects the tablet from scratches. The Durable holder is not compatible with Acer and Amazon Fire tablets.

Custom Flex Mount by CTA Digital

The Custom Flex Mount has 2 tension-locking joints and 2-multi directional ball sockets making it extremely easy to manipulate in the direction that you want to achieve. Even if you often change positions, this mounting holder will follow suit.

Locking Flex Mount with joints and ball sockets

If you do not enjoy the clamp base, you can also get the same mount with a suction base or a VESA mount. The VESA mount will need to be drilled on the surface to hold the tablet. The price per set varies between $60 and $90 depending on the base type and security level.

Mount-It Universal Wall Mount

The universal mount by Mount-It! can be used as a tablet holder in the kitchen, living room or the bedroom. The mount is equipped with a 360-degree rotating base, 360-degree ball joint, adjustable tilt and arms. The arm can extend up to 13.9″.

Mount-It tablet holder

The screw-in base can be attached to a wall, desktop and other flat surface. Installing or removing the tablet is easy with the adjustable bracket. The holder can accommodate devices with 8.9″ to 10.4″ displays.

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