Best Kitchen Tablet Wall Mounts to Listen to Music, Read Recipes and Control Your Home

Looking for a wall mount in the kitchen to play your favorite songs and read through recipes while cooking? Here we offer few items with charging, locking and great deal of flexibility from various price categories that may satisfy your taste. Though, if you are looking for a fancy charging station, see our docking ideas.

Durable Tablet Holder

The Durable tablet holder offers anti-theft protection, easily removal and insertion and a wide compatibility with 7″ to 13″ devices. Therefore, it is one of our most beloved holders that will make an ideal solution to your kitchen space. It is made from solid aluminum and thermoplastic preventing the tablet from overheating.

Durable wall mount holder

Once mounted, the holder can be used in either landscape or portrait positions. The adjustable grip rotates on 360 degrees with locking points at 90°. You will also have the possibility to use a cable management slot to keep the device charged while on the stand. One disadvantage is that the holder does not support thick tablets like the Surface Go and Pro devices. The tablet should be up to 0.314″/ 8 mm thick.

2-in-1 Kitchen Tablet Wall Mount and Stand

It is an absolutely versatile stand by CTA Digital with two mounting bases. It can either be attached under the kitchen cabinets, on the wall or use it as a portable stand. It has a sleek aluminum body that is easy to install. Additionally, every angle gets covered with the multiple flexible joints and a 360-degree rotation headpiece.

CTA Digital mounted on the kitchen wall

The wall mount stand offers an expansive compatibility with most 7″ to 14″ tablets including iPads, Samsung Galaxy and Nintendo Switch. There is also an included stylus and tether snap, so your tablet is protected from touching with unclean hands and fingerprints on the screen. You can also quickly remove the device through a quick-release button.

VidaMount On-Wall Tablet Mount for Amazon Fire

This wall mount for Amazon Fire devices can be installed almost anywhere in your home or office. Therefore, we also think it is suitable for the kitchen area, though not so flexible once installed. However, you will be able to easily remove the device via the snap-on cover and have the device continuously charged when the necessary electrical wiring is done.

Black wall mount for Fire tablets

The mount has a low-profile and it is mounted through drilling four holes on the wall. Furthermore, you can get the VidaPower charging solution for an extra cost. The mount can be installed on any surface including tiles, drywall and masonry. Additionally, the manufacturer offers black or white finishes and personal design featuring logos and statements.

AboveTEK Tablet Wall Mount Holder

This is a wall mount holder offered by AboveTEK. The holder is great for its simple installation and flexibility. You can install it on the cupboard, on the kitchen wall or any suitable place for its drilling base. Additionally, you can switch between small and large tablets with simple push button mechanism while the base remains steady on the wall.

Holder for tablets in the kitchen

It fits most 6″ to 13″ tables including iPad, Microsoft Surface Pro, Surface Book, Google Pixel C, Google Nexus 9 and some Samsung Galaxy and Lenovo models. The mount has a 360 degree rotation and vertical tilting.

Basalte Eve Magnetic iPad Wall Mount

Eve is an elegant wall mount for any intelligent home. It is produced from high-quality materials like aluminum. The mount keeps the iPad charged and protected. Additionally, Basalte offers an automation solution for lightening, music and more. The stand can be fixed on the wall through a magnet base or use as flexible stand for the kitchen counter.

Eve wall mount in black

The mount is installed in few minuted without large cutouts on the wall or the table. It is a great accessory that will fit into any upscale and stylish environment. If you are still looking for a great integration system, find all you need to know about the home integration systems and how they work.

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