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Technology and the internet of things (IoT) have taken center stage in our lives. With these advancements, people have dropped old, boring lights for automated lighting in their homes and offices. That’s because they are cool, safe, and energy-efficient.

There are, undoubtedly, thousands of automated bulbs and devices in the tech sphere. If digging through all of them to get the perfect one for your needs sounds tiring, then you’ve come to the right place. We’ll run you through four of the best automated lightings you can try for your home/office. Later on, we’ll answer some questions you might have about automated lighting.

1. AMIR Automation Lighting with Motion Sensor

Our first product is an affordable, super-bright pack (20-lumen output) of six lights from AMIR. The collection of motion sensor lights automatically switches on when you’re within 10 feet. Powered by AAA batteries, the pure white lights have an LED life of 50,000 hours.

6 Battery Lights with LED

Each item in the pack can sense motion over a range of 120 degrees, and they automatically switch off after 15 seconds of no movement. AMIR designed these lights to work in dark environments. So, they won’t turn on if the light sensor detects enough light in the surrounding environment.

In the box, you should get six night lights, six double-sided adhesive pads, and a user manual.


  • Installing these lights with tape or magnets is easy.
  • The lights are super bright.
  • The batteries that come with the unit lasts long.


  • The lights might not work while using infrared heaters during cold seasons. 
  • The lights are not waterproof.

Our thoughts

This unit works as the manufacturer describes it. The sensitivity of the lights is top-notch, and we think the pack is a great unit to automate the lighting in your home or workplace. All the lights in the pack are bright, and you can use them in any room.

On the flip side, we noticed that switching from one battery type to another can affect the unit. Also, we figured that you might have to get stronger magnets to make the lights fit perfectly. That’s because the batteries add to the weight of each light.

Overall, we think this automated lighting is an excellent product if you’re tired of stumbling in the dark.

2. Sunco Lighting Smart Bulb pack

This 10-pack is another well-designed unit used to brighten dark rooms and save energy. Thanks to the 650-lumen rating, the ceiling lights diffuse evenly in all directions, ensuring you don’t hit obstacles while walking in dark rooms. They work with Alexa and Google to dim, switch off or on, and change the color of lights.

10-Pack automated colorful lights with voice control

The lights can be changed to any one of the 16 million colors available. The white light option can also be tuned to any of the 50,000 options available. This pack of lights is designed for bedrooms, bathrooms, corridors, stairways, and even roofs.

The unit comes with a user manual and the items in it all have a 5-year warranty.


  • It is easy to install in rooms.
  • The lights are bright enough to navigate through dark rooms.
  • It has a timer that you can use to set a schedule.


  • Lights can flicker after some months of use.

Our thoughts

We think the Sunco 10-pack unit is an excellent find if you’re looking to brighten up and add colors to dark rooms. Although slightly larger than most automated lightings, the unit does a good job of dispersing light and offers a complete set of functionalities. However, our favorite feature is its music sync feature that allows color changes to our favorite songs.

We couldn’t wrap our heads around the reason the lights turned on intermittently on their own. That was one disappointing thing about the unit. From our research, we also found that few users needed a hand to sync their devices.

Nevertheless, consider this unit if you’re looking for premium and cool energy-efficient lights.

3. GE LED Night Light

Our next choice is this 2-pack product from General Electric (GE). As a photo-sensing plug-in light, the unit turns on at dusk and switches off at dawn. Shaped like a dome, the product provides soft white light of 3 to 7 lumens and has a rating of 120 volts.

Sensor lights and plug-in lights

This night light has a 90-day warranty. Its glossy finish and unique shape are made to complement home and office décor.


  • It is safe and easy to use.
  • The opaque shield protects the lights from blinding.
  • It is energy efficient.


  • You can’t dim the lights.
  • The lights can look dull after some months.

Our thoughts

If you’re looking for automated lighting to carry on the go, then this is a unit to consider. We think it blends well with home décor, and from our research, we found that it is UL listed. Also, the pin and compact size of the lights permit the second outlet in a power source to be free.

We think if the lumens and glossy shield are worked on, the unit can well be the best home in the market.

4. Sengled Smart Multicolor A19 Starter kit

The final product on our list is Wi-Fi home lighting from Sengled. The 2-pack unit works with its app, smart switch, Alexa and Google assistance, and it is designed to change the mood and style of rooms. Though you can set a schedule for the lights, using voice control to turn the lights on or off also works.

The Sengled Smart LED light supports 16 million colors. Thanks to its 80- lumen rating, each color dispersed from the bulbs is bright. The unit is designed only for indoor use, operates between -4 to 104 degrees F, and requires an input of 120V.

Remote and wireless lights for home automation

In the box, you should get a Smart Hub and multicolor bulbs, all of which have a 2-year warranty. White A19 bulbs for the unit can be obtained separately.


  • It is great for creating scenes and setting different modes.
  • The lights can be dimmed and brightened.
  • You can control the unit remotely.
  • There are several colors to choose from.


  • It can develop a fault after some months.
  • Some colors incorrectly pop up when the lights connect to Alexa.

Our thoughts

There are not a lot of things to fault in this lighting unit. We think Sengled tried to make a perfect product. So, we are quite amazed by the functionality and control the lights bring to the table. While our favorite feature is the voice control that the lights allow, the remote access of the lights came close to winning our hearts.

Setting up the intuitive app of this Wi-Fi home automation lighting took all but a few minutes, and it worked with both Alexa and Google assistance as the manufacturer claims.

Our research found that the Echo Plus hub can replace the one that comes in the box. Also, some viewers reported that they had some issues choosing the right colors on Alexa.

However, no one can take the fact that this unit is one of the best automated lightings available. We recommend it if you’re looking for a hassle-free way to add color to your rooms.

How does automation lighting work?

Home automation is a network of electronic and household devices that are connected through the internet. Therefore, for home automation lighting, the ‘household devices’ are lights bulbs.

Home automation lighting works through three elements:

1. Sensors: These monitor motion, daylight, and temperature. The automatic lights then switch on or off based on the information the sensors get.

2. Controllers: These send signals and receive signals about the lightings in the home. Controllers include smartphones, PCs, and tablets.

3. Actuators: These are programmed to control the lighting functions in your home. They include valves, motors, and light switches.


Q1. Are home automated lights energy-efficient?

Yes. Most home automation lights, especially those with motion sensors, are energy efficient. The reason for this is that they switch off several times a day.

Q2. Can I use automation lights outdoors?

The majority of automation lights are made for bathrooms, stairways, roofs, closets, and bedrooms. However, there is a handful of them that you can use outdoors.

Q3. Do I need batteries for my automation lights to work?

Generally, automated lights with motion sensors usually require batteries to work. Those that work with controls, require generally, Wi-Fi connection to work.

In conclusion

Tech advancements have pushed home automation to the next level, and the next generation lights have the advantage of being energy efficient and cool. Therefore, it is no surprise that they have gained popularity in recent times.

If you’re tired of stumbling in the dark, or perhaps you need cool or energy-efficient lighting in your house, then consider the products we’ve listed above.

Let our in-depth reviews guide you to the right for you, if you want to switch to effortless lighting.


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