Airplane iPad Mount Best for Information and Entertainment

Why do you need an airplane tablet mount? Well, there are a few reasons why you might want to consider getting one. For instance, if you are a pilot, you may know about tablet mounts and you are about to get one. So, here you will find a few ideas for iPad holders to mount in the cockpit.

On the other hand, if you are a traveler and you don’t usually fly in business class, getting a mount can upgrade your journey and make your long flight pass a little bit easier and faster while watching cartoons.

The view from a windshield inside the cockpit of a pilot. A landscape of a lake and land.

Tablets Mounts in the Cockpit of a Pilot

The tablet can be especially useful for pilots to track the safety notifications, find the most efficient route, request fuel fill-up and meet the cabin crew. Though, tablets have only been used for a decade now on aircraft, they prove to be helpful. In a similar way a person in the office may use them to do some work instead of having to carry a pile of papers. So, here are the 3 types of mounts that you may consider when getting on for the aircraft.

Clamp Mounts for an Aircraft

Clamp mounts are useful since they can attach on surfaces like the yoke. Suction mount bases are used to put the mount on the windshield. Although, the windshield mount can sometimes keep the pilot distracted from the panel. And lastly, the knee holder is quite an innovative idea, though may be very useful, if you find it comfortable enough.

Arkon gooseneck heavy-duty clamp mount for yoke

The Arkon heavy duty mount is a type of a clamp mount. And it fits all tablets that have 7″ to 18.4″ displays with up to 2.25″ thickness. It also has a gooseneck arm which makes it very flexible to adjust. Another example for a stable clamp mount is by CTA Digital. In fact, you can also have it as a suction mount or VESA plate. It is also compatible with cases up to 1.06″ thickness. The clamp base attaches to the pole with no-slip rubber pads and is tightened with a rotary grip handle.

Suction Tablet Mounts on a Windshield

Suction bases are quite common method for sticking toys or tables on a window, glass or tile surfaces. Or in fact any flat surface may work. Perhaps, you may need a mobile mount instead of a tablet mount. Therefore, this suction mount for smaller mobile devices can also be useful in an aircraft.

Check out the Arkon suction windshield mount if you would like to get one for a tablet device. It fits almost all tablet sizes from 7 to 18″ and it legs can be customized and adjusted in the best viewing position.

Another suitable alternative is the Ram Mount with suction cup base for iPad devices. The mount has rubber ball and socket system, so you can mount it almost anywhere. It is made from marine grade aluminum. The mount base is also resilient to shock and vibration levels.

Ram suction mount for tablets on a windshield

Kneeboards for iPads

We recommend the MyClipKneeboard for an iPad device. The elastic is attached around the knee of the person and the tablet installed. It is an inexpensive product that is flexible and comfortable. The plastic clips can be adjusted and accommodate different size tablets. They can hold an iPad in landscape or portrait mode.

MyClipKneeboard band attached to a pilot's knee with an iPad device in portrait orientation

Flip Flap Holder for Phones and Tablets

If you are traveler willing to watch movies or read from a Kindle, this Flip Flap holder can be taken on any flight with you. You can install it on the small tray table or attach it to the seat. The holder folds so it can be easily carried in a bag or purse.

The Flip Flap holder for mobile devices attached to the front seat on an airplane.

What Is the End Result?

If you are still not quite sure which one will be the most comfortable for you, we recommend that you give a try to the MyClipKneeboard elastic. It seems the less expensive and convenient alternative from all of them.

Although, a clamp mount can also be good. As long as you know how to mount it and stays fixed during turbulence. So, you will definitely need a strong mount there. The windshield mount is also good, but it can distract you from the board. So, it is perhaps the least convenient mount.

The Flip Flap holder is a great product for travelers or anyone enjoying their free time while on the road.

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