Best Samsung Galaxy Tablet Wall Mounts for Tab A 7, A 8 and Tab A 10.1

Hi! Have you been searching for a Samsung tablet wall mount on the Internet? Fortunately for you, we have some extraordinary news. Today, we are showing you some wall mount makers for Android-based gadgets with a unique spotlight on Samsung Tab A tablets.

Two Tablets Mounted on an Orange Wall Showing Meeting Room Status

Undisputed top choice mounts are the ones that are simple to install and still have a security from theft. For instance, VidaMount offers wall mounts produced using quality materials that are likewise steady, and will work superbly in the event that you wish to use them for home automation and business meetings.

Likewise, VidaMount mounts are the most sensible purchase if you have a Samsung Galaxy Tab A 7, Tab A 8, or some other Tab model, they will presumably have the mounting equipment you need for your device. All things considered, we give a decent variety of the items and all-around suggestions about the advantages that the mounts can have.

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Wall Mount for a Samsung Tab A 7.0

The 7″ Samsung tablet is probably the most famous model of the Galaxy assortment. If you have one of those laying around your home, you will be shocked to discover that there are some inexpensive to mid-priced wall mount allowing you to set up yours on the wall.

Are you looking for a simple installation mount? At that point we recommend that you examine the VidaMount for Tab A 7.0. The price is somewhat over the average, yet you make certain to get a protected enclosure and removable cover for a straightforward access to the buttons and ports while the tablet stays fixed. Besides, you will just need to drill four openings in the wall to mount the tablet holder. You will also get a frame that has an exquisite appearance.

On the opposite side, this VidaMount mount may not be reasonable for open places as it doesn’t offer a security lock. Also, you will need to arrange the charging cables independently from the mounting kit. The maker offers the VidaPower charging solutions separately.

Another wall mount stand for the 7-inch Samsung Galaxy is the TABcare Anti-Thief Case. The fundamental benefit from the this one is the locking system, so the tablet can’t be removed except if left opened. Additionally, the cost is twice lower – just $63. The product is produced using aluminum, and it isn’t as dainty as the previous one. Yet it has an added charging set.

Tab A 8.0 on the Wall

Maclocks wall mounts are other well-known stands for the Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.0. You can pick up between the HyperSpace Rugged Enclosure or the Space Galaxy mount. Both have fundamentally the same highlights, however somewhat unique design outlines. However, before you decide which one to get, make sure to check the release date of your Tab A 8.0.

For the most part, you will see if the mount is suitable for your gadget from 2015 or 2019. The Maclocks tablet wall mounts are made to fit the 2015 arrivals of the 8.0 tablets. Fortunately, some different produces like VidaMount offer mounting for 2017 and 2019 series of the 8.0 Samsung tab.

If you wish to go for Maclocks holders, you will find that they convey security and unusual design. The mounting frame has round edges and open corners for better air circulation. The design additionally takes into account a speedy access to the basic buttons and jacks without expecting to remove the cover.

Black Samsung Tablet Lying Next to a White Speaker

The tablet is ceaselessly charging while the cables are connected on the side. You will get 2 keys and a kiosk-like mount produced using aluminum.

What else could you wish for in the features of Android wall mounts? It seems like this one has got it all! The HyperSpace version by Maclocks bolsters a Galaxy Tab grip that protects the device from damage.

The mount includes 4 panels which control the degree of access to the volume rocker, on/off button, sound jack and the USB connector. The rear plate includes a 100 mm x 100mm VESA design and a middle wiring channel for cable management.

The bundle includes 2 aluminum plates, rubber Galaxy holder, 4 block panel additions and installation equipment unit. The security cable lock should be bought independently. The tablet will be continually charging on the wall when the suitable installation is finished.

Wall Mounts for Samsung Tab 10.1 Tablets

Tab 10.1 is one of the freshest launches of the Galaxy class. Likewise, you may notice that there is also Tab 3 10.1 and Tab 4 10.1. Be that as it may, Tab 3 and Tab 4 were propelled in 2013 and 2014.

Be that as it may, the wall mounts for the Tab 3 10.1 and Tab 4 10.1, and the Tab A 10.1 can’t be substituted due to the distinctiveness in the size of the tablets and showcases.

Fortunately, the Wall Mount Kit on Amazon offers answers for both Tab 3/4 10.1 and Tab A 10.1, yet in various colors. The dark wall mount is a good fit for the 2013/2014 tablets while the perfectly clear dock is suitable for the Tab A 10.1 model. Aside from the distinction in the colors and shades, both mounting units offer comparable capabilities.

The mount can be combined with a POS slider or utilized as a stand kiosk display. It has a VESA patter 100 mm x 100 mm and supports both landscape and portrait positions.

The Rokku Premium Enclosure is an acceptable docking station with an edgy feel. The enclosure fits Tab A 10.1″ (2016) and Tab A 10.5″ (2018). In similar manner to the Maclocks mounts, this one is produced using high-quality aluminum, and offers quick lock and unlock.

ArmorActive is a retailer that offers its items on local and foreign markets. In spite of the fact that, their mounts are above the normal price range. They offer two mounts for Tab A 10.1. The RapidDoc Wall Mount is very adaptable as you will have the option to attach and detach the tablet from the mount.

Also, you can set your own username/password or use biometric information or utilize a RFID staff card. There is one single cable to control the tablet and supply Ethernet. Remote connection is likewise provided.

The RapidDoc VESA PoE Plus Mount has comparative traits, yet the main distinction is the VESA mounting. In any case, the tablet can be released from the standby applying the card or the authentication methods. The tablet is attached on the wall through magnets. See more info about the RapidDoc VESA on the ArmorActive shop. You have another tablet like an iPad Pro? Have a look at this page to select the appropriate mount.