Best Lenovo Tablet Wall Mounts for Tab 4, 7 and 10

Here you will find some Lenovo wall mounts produced using quality materials like aluminum and metal as well as docking stations with a locking system. You will find rotating mounts and mount designs in dark, white and transparent variants. Prior to going further, you can check out our Amazon Fire mounting solutions for more info.

Person Touching a Tablet on a Mount Stand

Tablet Wall Mounting for Lenovo TAB 4 8″, Tab 4 8″ Plus and E8

This VESA mount by TABcare is appropriate for Lenovo Tab 4 8″ and 8″ Plus, just as the E8 models. The mount can transform the tablet into a handy Kiosk framework with touchscreen abilities. Or even you can use it as a Point of Sale device.

Other than the full fenced in area, the tablet buttons and ports remain completely open to control. The stand is produced using acrylic fibers, and comes in 3 colors – dark, white and clear. Furthermore, the magnets at the base of the stand make it simple to mount it on metal surfaces.

The bundle only involves the mount and 10 security screws and a screwdriver. You may need to purchase the charging set independently.
If you prefer a holder rather over a completely enclosed stand, you can take advantage of the sturdy iBOLT mounts. The holder is appropriate for installation on tables, trucks, work areas, in autos and different vehicles.

It’s a heavy-duty mount with a multi-edge drill base. The pack includes the holder, 5″ ball joint platform, screw pack and glue for the drill base. The upside of this stand is the likelihood to change the viewing position and turn it around.

Mounting Lenovo Tab 4 10″ and Tab 4 10″ Plus

If you are considering whether there is a distinction in the sizes of Lenovo Tab 4 10″ and Tab 4 10 Plus devices you may be correct. Other than the performance and technical characteristics, you can see that the 4 10 Plus is 76 mm wider and 74 mm higher than the Lenovo Tab 4 10″.

The metal VESA mount by TABcare is simply ideal for the Tab 4 10″ and the Tab 4 10″ Plus devices. You can likewise decide to buy a wall mount or a desktop station. The desktop stand additionally possesses a locking system against theft. Other perfect Lenovo tablet models are TAB 2 A-10, TAB 10 X103F, TAB 3 10, Miix 310 and Miix 320.

Somewhat more affordable variant of a wall mount with an extendable arm is offered by Bentley Mounts. The lightweight mount is simple to install and built of aluminum. Moreover, it has the possibility to rotate fully and tilt at 45°, so you can alter the viewpoint. Likewise, you can either screw the mounting plate or utilize an adhesive.

Lenovo Tab 7 Wall Enclosures

The Lenovo Tab 7 was discharged in November 2017. It has a 16GB memory, sim card slot and a size slightly smaller than the Tab 4 models: 193 x 98.7 x 8.4 mm (7.60 x 3.89 x 0.33 in).

If you claim a Tab 3 7″, you might need to look at some of the mounts that we will talk about, as both Lenovo tablets are the same in dimensions with a slight difference of 1.5mm of length.

The CTA Digital Pad has the customizable grip for tablets with 7″ to 14″ displays. Moreover, there are three recognized advantages of the mount.

  • Secures the tablet
  • Basic establishment
  • Suits all shapes and sizes

The lock security protects the tablet from robbery while the corner-grip section permits access to all buttons and ports of the tablet. Despite that, there is no constant charging. Along these lines, you should mount it near a power outlet or take the tablet and charge it once in a while.

If you are searching for a wall mount that will keep your tablet continually charging and that has bit of an complex installation, you can examine the Lenovo Tab 3 7″ Security Wall Mount or Desktop Stand by TABcare.

Lenovo Monitor on a Stand

Lenovo Tab 10 Mounts

Despite the fact that, the production of Tab 10 is ceased, it is the most loved tablet of families with children. The multi-client account permits few people to use the tablet while the kid mode protects kids from harmful contents and keeps an alarm for the length of use.

The dimensions of the tablet are 247 x 171 x 9.6 (mm). In any case, if you went for probably the latest family-accommodating Lenovo Tab releases, and want to mount it on the wall, here we have few suggestions for you.

We previously referenced TABcare mounts a couple of times, and there it is another one of their trendy mounts that fit Tab 10 by Lenovo.

You can expect all the advantages that the TABcare maker offers. Wall mounts planned in 3 colors, anti-theft security and landscape or portrait positions.

Still curious about other Android tablet wall mounts? Check the page out to find the best stands for Samsung and Fire devices.

Mounts for Lenovo Devices M10, P10 and E10

Althogh, TAB P10 comes with a separable docking station, there are some alternatives in case that you need the tablet mounted on the wall. A few manufacturers offer mounting stations for both Tab M10 and P10 together like the Security Anti-Theft Acrylic VESA Case by TABcare and the LocPad anti-theft to tablet stand by armourdog.

The latter one, a US-based organization delivering tablet mounts and booth cases for the most popular Android tablets and iPads. A few highlights of the unit include carefully designed tubular lock with 2 keys, radio-transparent chassis for Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, 3/4G, and NFC.

Likewise, you can include custom colors and logo design when you might want to mount it in a retail location, corporate office, school lab, restaurants and any public space.