Amazon Fire Tablet Wall Mounts for Fire 7, Fire HD 8 and Fire HD 10

Here we offer you value for your money. What a bold statement. In spite of that, we’ve referenced some mounting choices for Fire 7″, 8″ and 10″, and a few hybrid tablet holders and mounts that can accommodate various display inches. So, in case that you have another tablet you can check the item specifics and see whether the mount is appropriate for your device.

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Wall Mounts for the Fire 7 Tablets

Should you get worried about the installation of a Fire 7 wall mount, here we examine a few advantages disadvantages of the mounting items. We agree that mounts for Fire tablets are nothing like the solutions for Samsung Galaxy Tabs. However, read more to see what we have in mind.

Mounting Kit by Lux Mounts

We love this item as it is the simplest version of a wall mount that you can get and mount in under 5 minutes. Also, no electricity connection is required. You just need to install the holder near a plug outlet.
The mounting pack by Lux Mounts is appropriate for Fire 7 5″, 7″ and 9″ generations. The cost is also sensible – about $40 from Amazon.

Dockem Koala Mount

The Koala Mount by Dockem has two unmistakable highlights. To begin with, it is easy to use as a stand and wall holder while having the possibility to remove the tablet whenever you wish. Furthermore, it is moderately low priced.

Moreover, the tablet section is reasonable for different sorts of gadgets up to 11 mm thick. Unquestionably, there is also no requirement for screwing or drilling holes. The holder is connected through adhesive strips. Then again, your tablet won’t be always charging, and some ports and jacks can be blocked whenever mounted in a landscape position. It is also a suitable solution for Fire 8″ and Fire 10″ tablets.

TABcare Anti-Theft Gear

The TABcare wall mount is the real bargain. The mount is perfect with Amazon Fire 7″ from 2015, 2017 and 2019. If you wish to buy a stand with VESPA pattern and locking highlights, at that point it is the one to go for. You can likewise have it in 3 colors – dark, white and transperant.

Despite the fact that, the tablet will stay fixed on the mount, this holder permits full access to the switch buttons and tablet ports.

The unit includes 1 VESPA holder, 1 wall mount kit and 10 security screws with 1 screwdriver. You should get the charging set separately. Discover more about the TABcare items in our Lenovo wall mounts.

Fire 8″ Device Wall Mounts

If you possess an Amazon Fire 8″ tablet, here you will find some suitable wall mounts and their specifications. You will discover extendable holders, full enclosures and detachable mounts. Depending on your preferences and spending budget, you can pick the best one for you.

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CTA Digital

This mount is suitable for walls, office work and kitchen tables. The extending arm can be attached on the wall, and the tablet has the ability to rotate completely.

Likewise, the device has two mounting bases for a wall or under a cabinet mounting. You can release the tablet with the quick access button for a simple removing. The mount can be adjusted for most 7″ to 14″ tablets incl. Fire7″, 8″ and 10″. The body is produced using aluminum.

VidaMount Enclosure

VidaMount offers enclosure for a Fire 8″ tablet with simple access to control buttons by removing the cover. Be that as it may, the charging installation is excluded from the bundle. The mount offers strenght and an exquisite look. It’s produced using polymere and can be mounted by drilling 4 holes on any surface.

If you are uncertain whether the chosen mount will hold your tablet, we suggest VidaMount for its soundness. In the package, you will get the enclosure, 4 screws, 4 wall anchors, foam spacer if the tablet thickness doesn’t fit and a manual with the installation steps.

Impact Mounts

It is best for getting the tablet whenever you need it. This mount offers two sections. One fixed to the wall, and one holding the rear of the tablet. The rear plate is 360° rotating VESA. The design is stylish, and the construction made from aluminum.

The rubber pad keeps the tablet from scratching or dropping coincidentally. You can also use the wall bracket for tablets with 7″ to 10.4″ displays. The rotating movement permits to change the view on the Fire 8″ tablet from landscape to portrait, and the other way around.

Best Fire Tablet 10″ Wall Mounts

Maybe, you have just discovered your preferred mount for a Fire 10″ display in the referenced so far items. If not yet, here we propose three distinct decisions that make certain to fit.

Arkon Base Mount

The Arkon mount has an intriguing base with an 8 mm arm to keep tablets from 7″ to 18.4″ on the stand. Besides, the support legs are adjustable. You might need to introduce it on the wall; however, the stand is perfect for business and fleet vehicles.

Or then again you can put it on the table where you need it, in the workplace, kitchen or alongside your bed. It is a durable mount, aside from the plastic piece that keeps the tablet from turning around. The base support is produced using metal. Furthermore, it has an entirely sensible cost of $41.26.


The tablet holder offers a view from different points with a tilt capacity of 90°. You can move screen all over or convert from landscape to portrait mode. The arm stretches out up to 13.9″, so you don’t need to reach while perusing receipts in the kitchen or watching motion pictures in bed.

The screw-in base can be appended to a wall, office desk, under a bureau or other flat surfaces. The holder additionally permits to remove the tablet at whatever point you need. The rotating base has a Lock Button to fix the position.

You just need to click it to turn and snap again to lock. And check out those Android wall mounts in case you feel like you need a mount with a PoE connector.

AboveTEK Long Arm Stand

This one is another durable and rock-solid mount intended to support tablets and cell phones with displays of 4″ to 11″. The development can be used as a dual screen display on a desk or Point of Sale register in a retail business.

It has an extendable arm that stretches out up to 15 mm including a rotating base of 360° and multi-edge folding. Besides, it is an amazingly flexible docking station with a ¼ ” DSLR Camera Adapter that can change the holder into a projector. The damping/tightness is balanced through Allen Keys that makes it amazingly steady.