Android Tablet Wall Mount Kits to Buy with Add-Ons like Power Charging

The greater part of the producers that you see on this page offer flexibility and power supply for Android tablets on the wall. Along these lines, you can fit the device as indicated by the individual sizes of the stands.



Best Features

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Koala Wall Mount by Dockem

  • Simple to Install

  • Wide Compatibility

  • No Covered Buttons

Bentley Wall Mount

  • Swivel Arm

  • Lightweight Aluminum

  • 360° Rotation and Tilt of ±45°

Zazz Tablet Holder

  • Universal Mount

  • Adjustable Leg Lenght of  26-64mm

  • 360° Rotation

Durable Tablet Holder

  • Anti-Theft Protection

  • Aluminum Construction

  • Cable Management and 360° Rotation

VidaMount On-Wall Mount for Amazon Fire

  • Custom Design

  • Charging and Lock

  • Snap-On Cover

Most wall mounts are appropriate for mainstream tablets like Samsung Galaxy, Lenovo, Nexus and Asus. Although, if you have a different tablet, you should consider most often the display inches and the thickness of the device to see if the wall mount can hold it.

Android Tablet Mounts on This Page:

Wall Mount Stands for Few Android Tablets

Some mounts don’t require to install the charging system, so it is certainly a simple activity to mount it. Our top three makers of Android wall mounts are CTA Digital, Wall-Smart and Door Tablet.

Luckily, for those of you who would like to find a mounting kit with a PoE connector for an Android device, just read below to see our recommendations. And if you want to discover the best holders for your kitchen or bedroom, you can get some advice as well.

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Galaxy on the Wall

On the off chance that you own a Samsung Galaxy tablet, it is quite easy to discover a mounting kit for the tablet. What you need to consider is the type of stand you would like to have like a flush mount, simple holder station or magnetic dock.

For instance, you may find a lot of simple holders on Amazon for Samsung Galaxy tabs, but not so many flush mounts. Therefore, here we are to show you the diversity of tools that you can implement.

The benefit of most simple holding docks for a wall is that you can usually adjust the viewing angle as the head of the mount is quite flexible being able to rotate and tilt to 45°. Despite that fact, the greatest disadvantage is that you won’t have the charging installation.

Zazz tablet wall mount for samsung galaxy tablets

So, whenever the battery is drained, you will need to take off the tablet from the stand and charge it. Or place the stand near an electricity plug. Frequently, with those types of holders, there is no security against theft, so you can only employ them in private spaces.

See the CTA Digital, Bentley Mounts and ZAZZ tablet holders for Samsung devices.

In the event that you are searching for a full frame mount with a power supply, there is an a lot of fish in the sea. Some mainstream producers are VidaBox Kiosks, TABcare and CTA Digital.

The fundamental difference of those tablets is the locking system; however, the mounting can be somewhat challenging and require an electrical specialist. Normal costs for the full kit mounts are about $50 to $80 per mount. See more Galaxy tablet wall mounts.

Bentley wall mount installed on a dark blue wall

Amazon Fire Wall Docks and Holders

Presently, if you have a Fire 8″ and you wish to use it for controlling smart things around the house, you will initially need to erase all the Amazon applications and download Google Play. Another thing is that you may have issues connecting Samsung Smart Things if you don’t have the application on the tablet.

Or on the other hand you may wish to set up Action Tiles to control your home with a single hand touch. Online you can discover some previously tried scripts to assist you with erasing all the unnecessary Amazon information and get some Google applications. As well as the Fully Kiosk program to set up the ActionTiles for Good Morning and Good Night commands.

White wall mount installed on a wall with a Fire tablet

If you would like to get a solid wall mount for Amazon Fire with a proper charging, see the one offered by VidaBox for Fire 7th generation. You will likewise have the option to snap the cover and take the tablet out when you need it.

Koala mount by Dockem is by all accounts a favored choice. The item they offer is fundamentally simple to install and it looks great on the wall. You can also easily remove the tablet when you wish or when charging is needed. Along these lines, the cost is about $14 to $16 per unit.

Mounting for Alternative Android Devices: Nexus, Huawei, Asus and All Others

All other Android tablets like Nexus, Lenovo Yoga or Huawei and some lesser known Andoid tablet producers can be mounted with the correct hardware. The best part of the Android mounts is that they can fit various devices from different brands, and sometimes even cell phones.

Hopefully, you have a goal in mind when you wish to mount your mobile device. Therefore, depending on whether you would like to have it most often on the wall rather than in your hands, you can pick any of the full enclosure mounts.

Koala wall tablet holder attached on a tile wall in the kitchen

Although, you might want your device to be portable yet make it fixed in the kitchen while cooking. Then, a holder with an extendable arm will be better suited for that purpose.

On the other hand, you have some old and extra Android tablets that can’t work long without being plugged in, at that point it is an insightful decision to make them fixated and think of the electricity installation.

Is a Flush Wall Mount a Better Choice?

A flush wall mount can be convenient when you wish the mount to become a part of the wall, so the tablet display levels up with the surface. Other than looking, the flush mount is likewise designed to prevent the tablet from overheating, and to empower the sound and other functions. A famous maker of flush mounts for Android and iOS mobile devices is Wall-Smart.

When Is a Tablet Kiosk Wall Mount Needed?

Tablet booths can be fairly odd at first glance. They resemble a container with the tablet provided and possibly a POS device attached to it. Certainly, it is not the most stylish item, except if you use the kiosk for your mailbox. However, those tablet stands can be exceptionally helpful and viable in your business.

The ProDVX Producer of Wall Mounts and Kiosk Mounts for Tablets. Various Products Displayed on their Stand.

Besides, it is conceivable to include the iPad POS system or QR code scanner and you are prepared to get the money for. Armodilo is an exemplary case of tablet kiosk producer as well as viveroo. But viveroo only focuses on Apple tablets.

Should You Get a Wall Mount?

No, you needn’t bother with it at all. Perhaps you can manage without the stand. However, the tablet mount tends to be very helpful in barely any situations. When there are many individuals around the house, and everybody simply does what they need to do.

On the other side, you may have some tablets that you never use anymore, then it is alright if you wish to mount them for home control, and film streaming, and all other smart things that you can have integrated together.

If You DIY the Mounting, Here Are a Few Tips

Call an electrician to do the installation when charging is required. Make sure you know where you drill to make holes on the wall. Also, turn off the power supply in the house when you drill in case you go through a cable. See more helpful tips down here.

Android Wall Mount with Power

Alright, you may have seen that the old tablet can’t work without charging constantly. Despite that, there might be a few dangers for the battery. It is possible that after some time the battery can swell by the permanent charging. In this way, keep in mind that you need to replace the tablet in 2 to 5 years. Good luck with mounting!