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Here you will get know our business proposition and the driving force behind our inspiration to make the world a little bit better informed. Hoping that at the end of this page, you will get an answer of two important questions: “Who are we?” and “Why do we exist?”. And, before it gets any more philosophical, we would like to introduce you to our product offers.

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Sam Williams, Editor-in-Chief
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What Products Can You Find Information About?

You will find various mounting solutions for mobile devices and tablets in different areas of your life. For example, you may be looking for simple iPad holders for your kitchen or bedroom, car tablet stands or mounting stations for the meeting rooms in your office.

Therefore, we test the products for quality materials, design and functionality. So, then we discuss our findings in the so called reviews. For instance, the iPad wall mount article where we discuss a few producers of wall mounts and compare quality vs prices.

Thus, our main goal is to help our readers make an unbiased and informative decision when purchasing online products.

Our Mission in the World: How Does it Get Fulfilled?

As we briefly mentioned, our team’s mission is to provide useful and truthful information to the online customers. Fulfilling this requirement means that we put ourselves in their shoes. So, that we can find the best solution for their needs whether it is for home automation systems or car entertainment on the back seat.

We value transparency the most. That’s why you may sometimes read about the disadvantages for the products mentioned in our articles. Since, we look at the solutions from different angles, you will find as well some other recommendations. In case that you are looking for a mount that serves an alternative purpose.

The only measure that indicates our mission has been fulfilled is communicated to us through our customers feedback.

Why Should You Have Trust in Us?

Although, you may have recently heard about the tablet mounting industry, it is been on the market for quite some time now. And we follow manufacturing progress in design and capabilities since 2012 when our first German customer, viveroo, entered the market.

Moreover, we visit regularly professional fairs in Europe and America to learn about new products and trends and to meet well-known and new producers. So, we’ve seen it all – the good and the bad, more or less.

Who Are the People Behind the Tabletmounting.com Site?

We are a team of dedicated professionals in the area of online marketing, sales and computer sciences. The team is situated in Germany and Bulgaria. We work hard every day to make our dream come true: an online community where knowledge is revealed and exposed to the readers.