Top Tablet Mounts, Stands and Holders for All Surfaces and Devices

Hey, welcome to You will have the opportunity to explore and learn more about wall mounts, stands and holders for various mobile devices and tablets. So, if you are hunting for your mounting kit, check out the products that we’ve got for you.

Various Mobile Devices Mounted on a Wooden Wall. Picture taken from ISE 2020 Amsterdam.
Various Devices Mounted on a Wall. Picture taken from ISE 2020.

Moreover, we review only quality mounts made from either aluminum, glass or sturdy plastic. If you are looking for a PoE charging set, you will also find it here. And if you have no idea what I’m talking about, well keep reading.

Wall Mount Holder by Durable 

The unique features of the holder include the universal frame that can hold from 7″ to 13″ tablets and the flexibility of the base. Besides, removing the tablet anytime you wish, the wall mount holder can rotate fully with locking at each 90°.

This is also a great model for anyone who is looking for a simple to install tablet wall mount stand. The opening in the holding arms accommodates the charging cables for a quick battery boost when you need it.

The Durable tablet wall mount also comes with an anti-theft protection with locking arms. That trait makes it a perfect companion for showing information at trade fairs, in the office, sales exhibitions and other public areas.

The only downside is that the holder fits thin tablets like the iPad Mini, Air, Pro and 2 to 6 generations, various Android-power devices like Samsung, Lenovo, Asus and Huawei. Though, you won’t be able to fit the Microsoft Surface Pro as they have a larger depth and are thick to fit the shaped mould.

Detachable Wall Mount by Impact Mounts 

If you are looking for a solid aluminum base combined with a detachable VESA plate, this wall mount will do the job for a lower than average cost. Added to the flexible body, you will also get a design with very low profile of 27.5mm (1.1″).

The rubber pad prevents the tablet from scratching or falling off the mount grip. The mounting process is simple. You can either use screws to hold the base, or try heavy duty mounting tape.

Basically, it takes over a minute to mount it. The stand is best suited for tablets between 7″ and 10.4″ tablets including Samsung Galaxy, iPad, iPad Mini/Air and Amazon Fire devices.

The design comes in either white or silver colors with the following dimensions 43x75x288mm (1.7″x3″x11.3″). The holder can also rotate on 360°.

TABcare Anti-Theft VESA Case Wall Mount Kit

The TABcare is a brand known for its quality mounts and enclosures. Although, they use acrylic to build their designs, the wall mount comes with few other extras. We agree that the installation can be a bit more complicated in contrast to a wall stand due to the electric wiring.

Even so, you are guaranteed to have a fully functioning tablet framed on the wall. Moreover, an access to all buttons and ports is also provided. It is the best wall mount for a Samsung Tab 8 A due to the material that allows cell signal.

Often metal cases can isolate the signal, but there’s no danger with the acrylic ones.The mounting kit includes the VESA enclosure and mounting kit, and 6 security screws with one screwdriver.

viveroo free iPad Wall Mount

It is the ideal wall mount for iPad Pro, Air, Mini 4 & 5, and few other generations. The one offers sleek design and quality. It is like produced by Apple itself. Though, check out our iPad wall mount page for more tablet mounting products. 

Besides the quality, the stand is great as it is not just an enclosure with a tablet display in it, but an aesthetical masterpiece delivering the benefits of the traditional wall mounts.

With the Free stand you can remove the tablet from the docking station, and its detachable quality makes it connecting the iPad to the lightening adapter effortlessly.

Additionally, the iPad is charged continuously via PoE cable while the certified components of the mounting kit preserve the battery life.By removing the tablet from the stand, the wireless connection activates automatically. The design is offered in two colors – silver and dark grey.

The aluminum docking station can be installed on any surface and its stylish look make it a great solution for the office environment and private homes.

Heavy Duty Base Mount by iBOLT

This heavy-duty mount is a classic example for a mount that can be placed on a desk, in a vehicle or any flat surface like a wall. Since it is quite strong and will stay wherever you mount is recommended for commercial vehicles and trucks as well as hostile environments with great vibration levels.

Though, if you would like to get a sturdy mount for your home, it will also do the job. The design fits all 7″ to 10″ tablets including iPads, Nexus, Kindle and Samsung Galaxy Tab. You can also adjust the view angle by rotating the mount fully.

The kit delivers the holder, an adjustable pedestal, screw pack and adhesive for the drill base. Similar to other holders, this wall mount does not require an electrical installation.

one by viveroo for iPad Mini, Air and Pro

In contrast the to the free wall mount, the one is created with the intention to fully embrace the iPad device and keep it plugged in, once fixed on the wall. In addition, the iPad is protected from theft as well as all cables, ports and buttons are hidden from the public eye.

So, the low profile and elegant look combined with its secretive nature make it a perfect tool for use in open areas and at the point of sale.The stand is offered in 3 colors – silver, anthracite and black. The mount is made from high quality aluminum and caters for Mini 4 & 5, Air 10.5″, iPad 10.2″ and Pro 11″/12,9″ iPad models.

Tablet Wall Mount for iPad by Mount-it!

This holder is so versatile that you can buy 3 of them and use them for different tasks. You can install the holder under cabinet, on your desk or in the kitchen while reading recipes and listening to music. In fact, it is so easy to install. You only need to screw the base to a wall or a desk using the hardware kit.

Added to the rotating base, the mount has a swing arm that can be adjusted via the knobs. The construction is made from sturdy aluminum and can accommodate tablets up to 10.4″. Another detail is the tilt function of the screen up to 90° which is helpful when reading from a low or high angle.

loop by viveroo Flush Mount and On-Wall Mounting for iPad

The loop stand is quite different than the average 4-squared enclosures for tablets. As the name suggests, the mount has a round form and can be installed on walls as well as desks and tables like a flush mount that levels up with the surface. The tablet is fully integrated with the surroundings while also charged in the plug and being able to rotate with a single touch.

So, you can show information at different viewing angles. It is especially suitable for offices and points of sale. Although, if you would like a quality item in your home that compliments your décor, it is also a good alternative. Further, you can remove the tablet and lock it with a custom-developed App and Bluetooth mechanism.

It is most compatible with iPad 2/3/4, Air/Air 2, iPad Pro 9.7″ and iPad 9.7″ from 2017 and 2018. Additionally, the mount can be custom-built from ceramic or gold surfaces.

Heavy Duty Tablet Mount by Arkon

This heavy-duty wall mount is suitable for any tablets between 7 and 18.4 display inches. Additionally, the body is quite flexible with 3 points of movement and 180-degree rotation.

The various viewing angles and the ability to adjust it right where you need it makes it extremely helpful in the kitchen, on your desk, in a car or right next your bedside.

The base resembles a 4-hole AMPS drill plate with an 8″ adjustable arm and slim-grip tablet stand. It is the best holder for most large tablets and brand producers like iPad, Samsung, Google, Microsoft, Nexus and LG.

square iPad Charging Station by viveroo

The square iPad mount by viveroo is suitable for all 9.7″ iPads including Air/Air 2, Pro 9.7″, and iPad gen from 2017 and 2018.
The square model shares similarities with the loop mount. The only difference is its square design.

With the push of a button, you will be able to open the iPad wall dock and remove the tablet any time you wish. If you would like to protect the device from theft, you can do so via an app or Bluetooth connection that locks the iPad mount.

Furthermore, you will receive a mounting kit with high-quality connecting parts that will prevent the tablet battery from draining. The system uses a single power over Ethernet connector to charge the tablet and receive network data.

This square mount delivers an exclusive look with straightforward forms added to the upper class materials, such as glass and aluminum, that is made from.